Capture and Hold

Hollow Winds by Tank on December 29, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

This is my first map, I hope it will be a good one. Bases are close together, about 700 something meters apart I think. CnH base in the middle/off to the side. CnH base offers a little ground support with only tanks. Plenty of towers with health packs and ammo to keep things going. Along with rocks along the mountain edges for mortar fire and sniping. Flags are in the open behind base. Two solar gens located just above the flag on the upper wall, these gens keep the bad guys out so keep a eye on them.

Melancholy2 by Up$ilon on November 17, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Storming Night

As promised, this is Melancholy2, like Melancholy, but with a capturable base stuck right in the middle of the map. It is undoubtably better than the first map, but it is still officially classed as my first map, just revamped! Have fun and look forward to forthcoming maps such as Fro$tbite, In$anity and Kobalo$...

Dream-state by Ephemeron on November 6, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Defend and Destroy Other Clear Night

This map is different than just about anything I've seen... the basic idea of fighting on a glasslike surface came to me in a dream, as the name sort of indicates.

Gameplay should be fast, with high visibility, open flags, and gravity accelerators to give you a boost. An elevated central platform makes an effective base for mortar spamming the flags and vehicle pads. The platform is not capturable, but the team that controls it should have an advantage.

Base rapers and tower trashers should like this map, as the gen room is fairly easily camped, as are the forward towers.

LakeAcid by IRON_HELIX on October 27, 2002

Capture and Hold Other Clear Night

One simple map,to win you must be a team player and DO NOT touch the WATER.If you are a team player you would really enjoy this simple map.
There is not to much to talk about,it's just down right FUN!
I hope you Like it.
Thank's to the Tribalma5ter for
the water script.If you have any thing to add to this please say it. PEACE

Deathmoon Rising by EEPROM on October 7, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Oh yeah, just another client side map by EEPROM that will never get played. It features two new interiors, a huge Beam Gun Base and some tall defense towers. Also, I improved the looks and insides of the big drop ship interior I made for Rig Attack. You will also find in the Mega Gun base control room some new screen textures.

The premise of this map is simple; some crazy tribe went and built a huge Beam gun on the moon of Oxen that orbits a large planet called Sultan. This gun can vaporize a whole city in seconds. The enemy tribes have come to take control of the Mega Gun base.

Eruption by ZOD on September 26, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear Client Side

I made this map for the Classic mod but because it's scripted and really just a remake of Firestom, it was not included in the final Classic mod.

This map utilizes the latest Map Support Package v2.0 by Founder, myself and TseTse for the loading of the maps scripting.

Retaliation by Dr. Pimento on September 16, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Team Hunters Badlands Raining Bots

The final chapter for Futures of Vengance. Retaliation takes place on a now-deserted Bio-derm training facility.

The flags for CTF are only 200 apart or so.. but don't let that fool you into thinking it's an easy cap! Both flags are protected by forcefields, and the generators are in a tower base, a mere 400 from the center. Once a flag generator is destroyed, Forcefield "shields" come up, protecting the Flag tower, and invariably trapping the attacker!

The game then becomes a race to see who wins: the flag capper, or the people repairing the generator..

Fractured Past by Dr. Pimento on August 10, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Siege Desert Clear Bots

Updated from past version!
The Final Chapter: Children of the Phoenix. Normally fanatic to no end, their religious furor knew no bounds when they found the Bioderm desecration didn't end with viable planets.
The past they treasured so much was destroyed in the fire of war, and all records held on this Temple World was lost.


Two teams fight it out in this large, expansive map. Two bases, two vehicle pads per team means lots of things for anyone to do. Snipe from above, or lurk in the shadows below. Bomb from a Thundersword, or play Defense in a Shrike.

Hells Rain by Death Lobster on August 2, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Team Hunters Lush Storming Bots Night

Back again! Hope you all don't cringe at the sight of me coming back yet again. But even if you do, I promise you'll like this one. Here's the low down.

This map supports alot of game play types, but all work really well. Bot support is very good in all types, but sometimes they act alot like bots.

There is no V-pad or generators. The focus of this map is placed heavily upon using your skills to stay alive.


Once more, that danged Pimento for scripting.

And me. None of this would have been possible with out me. Thanks me!!!!

Assault on Johns Place by Wet Duck on July 23, 2002

Capture and Hold Lush Clear

A modified Capture and Hold game. This game only contains 1 base to capture and hold. Both teams get a vehicle pad and must hold John's place for a certain amount of time. A lot of vehicles on this hilly map.