Capture and Hold

Crush Depth by Mercen4ry on October 20, 2001

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Siege Team Hunters Lush Foggy

Mission Debriefing:

Welcome to the Aquatica undersea complex. We reviewed your recommendations, and it seems you fit our certifications quite well... Before we send you down to the complex, let me give you a quick tour (the boss turns on a holoprojector in front of you, pointing toward the side closest to him). These are your living quarters. Set to our finest specifications, this area includes 5 entrances (1 leads to the botanic section, 2 passages lead to the science R&D complex, and 2 more balconies should you feel the need to take a stroll...).

Circle of Stones by NecroBones on October 2, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Foggy

A very popular map, this is another idea that I've had since my Tribes 1 days but didn't get around to working on until recently. Back in Tribes 1, this wouldn't have been practical because the game engine was more fragile when it came to large numbers of objects, and you couldn't scale the rocks. Like with Twin Towers though, there were lots of other ideas to do in Tribes 2 before tackling it... but then Pantheon was released, and it inspired me to get off my ass and do this.

The map consists of two fairly simplistic bases with the flags out in the open, and only one nearby base turret.

Tranquility Base by EEPROM on September 26, 2001

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Night

The Eagle has landed!!!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Tribes on our very own Moon? Well, now is your chance. This mission takes place in the Sea of Tranquility with craters, moon gravity and all. Each team begins the match with a base and one lunar defense tower under their control. A center lunar defense tower has been left un-captured at the start of the match. Even though it is possible to jet from one side of the map to the other, using vehicles is still the smarter way to go. This map supports CTF, CnH and Bounty mission types with full bot support.

SHAZBOT STADIUM by D.N.A. on September 20, 2001

Capture and Hold Volcanic Storming Night

Welcome once again to another
edition of the infamous D.N.A.

Originally designed for Tribes1,
redesigned for Tribes2,SHAZBOT STADIUM!

This Stadium has been lost for
centuries but recently uncovered
and reopened for combat. This statium was used before the great wars as entertainment. During the wars the top half was destroyed and the remains forgotten. Now things have settled down and the dust has cleared, and once again stands this great monument of strength
and power. Are you ready to
sacrifice yourself for your team?


Heavy Weather by Lone|Wolf on August 18, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Raining Bots

A CTF map with capturable bunkers. there are four minor bunkers, with an inv station and a turret. The major bunker is located on a hilltop, and has 2 inv stations, 2 plasma turrets and one missile turret. Very low visibility with heavy rains and high winds. Capturing bunkers gives tactical advantage.

Urban Warfare by NecroBones on August 15, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Storming

This is a very chaotic map, with lots of capturable objectives. It's my first attempt at a "city map", and as a result had some glitches that needed to be worked out prior to release. Some people complain of framerate issues with it, but it works fine for others, and stays consistently above 30 fps on my system (it really depends on what hardware you have). The city is suspended above water, and is a walled city. Some ground tiles have been pulled up so that you can sneak around underwater. Different buildings have different power sources, and most structures are individually capturable.

Hangar 18 by NecroBones on August 13, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Clear

This is fun little map. A clear day, with a short visible distance, two simple bases. But the highlight is the capturable objective in the center-- A huge vehicle storage and construction facility, loaded with vehicles, and powered by a lightning rod. The framerate unfortunately hurts a bit in and around the hangar, but it's a spectacular sight to behold, and a fun objective to fight over. In fact, it's quite amusing what happens when you give people a large room full of vehicles. :)

Island Bridges by NecroBones on August 13, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Foggy

This is what you might call an "arena" map, in that the bases are directly aligned, connected by bridge structures, and the terrain hardly plays a part. In this case though, the bases are 800m apart, there are multiple bridges and catwalks at a variety of heights, and you can travel on the ground if you wish, but it's impractical because of the height of the structures. There are two capturable towers, and each controls a "box" with an inventory station at the center of the upper catwalks. There are gravbikes to quickly speed from one end to the other.

Reservoir by NecroBones on August 13, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Lush Foggy

A very close-range fight over a reservoir of water. The battle is fast and furious, and vehicles are available despite being a small map. It's wonderfully chaotic! Known issue: low-laying regions outside the reservoir partially behave as if under-water (not a map-bug, but rather a game-bug ith regards to water).