Battlegrounds by Black JAGUAR on July 11, 2004

Other Lush Clear Client Side Custom Textures

Battlegrounds Map Pack!
The bases are either at the east or west depending which team you are on. This style of game is my friends and mine own idea.. it's just plain battle.. no ctf, no capture and hold.. just killing each other. You will find this mission file under the game type, "Battle".

This is basically just for a little fun, it may not look great or have any turrets etc.. but this is how I play, for fun, and I like to duel. If you have any requests for game types, see below \|/!

Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, complaints etc..

Death Oasis by =/\CE= on June 28, 2004

Deathmatch Other Other Clear

Mainly geared toward lakrabbit..one of my prettiest lak maps.Have fun and enjoy,weapon caches are around to aid ammo and health patches and kits too.

The Gutter by Cyborg_Boba_fet on June 26, 2004

Other Other Clear Client Side

I know allot of you dont like construction maps. But i think this one is really cool because of all the time i spent being bored. As you can see by all of the pictures i drew on the terrain.

but its not just a flat map. its acctually a map that has perfectly balanced hills. so they are a straight angle. and go from the lowest terrain to the highest terrain point.

So to spice it up a lil. i put water going through the middle of it.

Flatland Firestorm by =SA=BlackFenix on June 3, 2004

Other Volcanic Clear Client Side

Made For =Soul Assassins= (=SA=) Tribe

Includes Vehicle Pad And Inventory Stations

You Build On (Or In) Lava.

I Tested This Map Online With About 2-3 People


I Thought It Was Time For A New Breed O Construction Maps I WAs Sick Of The Construction Maps That Were A Modded Flatland With Just Some Different Textures And Some Random Interiors *Cough* Weazels World/Flatland Tunnel *Cough*

Edit Out What You Don't Like. (Waves, Lightning ,Water Level

Ort Mountain 2 by Cybor12 on May 23, 2004

Other Lush Clear Client Side

This map is the sequel to Ort Mountain. Ort Mountain was originally made by CMDRBOB. I made a sequel because I like the map.

The map is lush terrain and is very hilly. The map is made for construction battles. It has two teams.

Gauntlet- Jambons Unofficial Maps by Jambon on April 25, 2004

Other Other Clear

I ain't dead yet. And I've got a lot of maps to clean out, starting with my Team Gauntlet pack. These are all server-side, so no issues there. If you don't have Gauntlet, get it at http://gauntlet.tribesarena.com

Animosity- Inside the main room of the Recalescence base. Very tight, very fast, very little cover.

Conviction- After finding that I couldn't remake HamsterCage because of technical limits, I made this in its honor. All enclosed, with plenty of cover and blockades.

Determination- A thin, outdoor, dangerous dance.