Flatland Soaked by Gibber222 on August 10, 2003

Other Desert Clear

Map By JackTL
Edited By Chicken

This Is A Soaked Version Of Flatland It has Three Bases for you to build in or you can build in the water the water is less then 1 inch deep.

TVDemo by eforhan on July 22, 2003

Arena Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Defend and Destroy Hunters Other Rabbit Race Siege Single Player Team Hunters Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

For mappers: This demos a modified Forcefield which allows TVs and monitors with up to five frames of animation. /scripts/tvscreen.cs is well documented to help create your own versions. Like FFs, the screens are connected to a generator and thus can be turned off. Included graphics are a Matrix-like one, a dancing girl, and the T2 intro.

I hope this comes in handy to add a little life to your maps!

-Eric aka Traveller2010

Dirtball by DSEZKiller on July 1, 2003

Other Desert Clear Night

This map takes place above a ocean of quicksand on a tiny plate form. The teams must race towards to flag in the center of the map and bring it back to their own side while dodging the enemy attacks and trying not to fall into the Quicksand. Thanks to code by Alingis the quicksand is lava retextured to look like quicksand and the custom death messages that were taking from Convoy. I’m not sure who originally made the code but thanks. I really hope you guys enjoy this. This is my 37th map 2 over Necrobones. This is also my 1-year anniversary of the day I released my first tribes 2 map.

Super bowl by DSEZKiller on June 24, 2003

Other Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Ladies and Gentlemen the Super bowl is upon us. Can you take home the championship? Well this map is a Football mod map. It takes place in a huge server side stadium made by Boot, CityWear. The incredibly beautiful sky was made by one of the best t2 mappers of all time, Akira. The football uprights were made by me DSEZ and the textures by me DSEZ. If you would like to use them just ask. Ok well i hope you enjoy this as much as i do. Thanks to Sparky for doing the .spn file or this would have never been finished. So when you see Sparky kiss him.=D Ok, well bye DSEZ.

KittyKats Cradle by DSEZKiller on June 17, 2003

Arena Other Other Clear Night

This map is in loving memory of a good friend of mine (KittyKat) who died April 23, 2003. Cause of death was bleeding to death while having a baby. The baby is fine and the baby is at home with Josie's (KittyKats) husband Chris. This map resembles heaven in which KittyKat's soul will rest forever. Thanks to everyone who has sopported me in makin this map. I feel this is the only way i may help her legacy live on. -- DSEZ

Stormriders by SSBeast on June 9, 2003

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Other Volcanic Foggy

Welcome to the planet of the Stormriders.

After a catastophic mining operation on the surface of the protean planet all the inhabitants were forced to take to the skies. Magma flowed freely across the once furtile planes, and the air became charged to the point that massive electrical storms were unavoidable. The tribes made their new homes high above the surface, just beyond the reach of the storms. They soon adopted the name Stormriders.

Hey all, this one can get tricky at times since the bases are connected by floating platforms that are just above a dense fog bank.

Giga Bots by Sephur on May 25, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Volcanic Clear Night

I've always loved giant robots, but hated gundam and all that crap it makes. Most of those are really cartoony pieces of crap. So, I bring to you what I like. It took me a long time, nd a lot of patients to finish, but here it is. Complete with A massive array of Turrets, this is a challenge among challenge of CTF maps. The Only problems I encountered were turrets changing their name tags to random numbers between 500 and 800, but who cares, a turret's a turret, and the name doesn't matter.

Divinity by Celios on April 30, 2003

Other Desert Clear

This is the first original Team Gauntlet map, made entirely for this mod and not made by the original Gauntlet team. Keeping this in mind, I hope to keep a good thing going.

This is a desert map, with players starting on opposite sides of a large crater. There is a single "strip" of land through the center of the crater with both sides submerged in lava. Players ski down part of this strip of land to a "jump pad" which will launch them high into the air. The map starts fast, ski's fast and fights fast.

Beware; there is not only lava and desert here however.

Gauntlet - FlyingElmos Official Maps by FlyingElmo on April 15, 2003

Other Other Clear

This pack contains 10 official serverside maps specifically designed for gauntlet.

Team Gauntlet is a unique mod that features duel-like action in an arena environment. Like arena, two teams are compete against one another. But like duel, only one player faces one other player at a time. The winner of the duel proceeds to duel another member of the loser's team, while the loser is "out" for the remainder of the round.