Gauntlet - Raels Official Maps by FlyingElmo on April 15, 2003

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The following maps were made by RAEL, but were submitted by me.

Team Gauntlet is a unique mod that features duel-like action in an arena environment. Like arena, two teams are compete against one another. But like duel, only one player faces one other player at a time. The winner of the duel proceeds to duel another member of the loser's team, while the loser is "out" for the remainder of the round. When an entire team is "out," their opponents get a point and the process begins again.

These are official maps from the Gauntlet mod, which are also featured in the TeamWarfare map rotation.

Location Zero by SSBeast on April 13, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Snow Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Hey everybody, SSBeast here with probably the simplest map I have done to date.

Take one large Ice canyon, add in four spider transports, one impact crater, mix in players, and you have Location Zero. Each team has two spider transports as their bases. Each transpot in turn has 3 repair packs, 3 ammo packs, 3 shield packs, 1 satchel charge, 2 generators, 1 AA turret, and main body is protected by ff's. No inventory stations on this map friends. Why? you ask.

Rabbit Football by DSEZKiller on April 7, 2003

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Rabbit Football is a fast pace game andeverything tr2 is about. The goal is between two field goal posts and for a goalie to block it they must jump to block the kick. A 100yd terrian that is marked and is flat for original Rabbit Football play. As soon as you spawn you can go down the shoots with enough speed (if you keep ur sking up) to reach the flag and take it for a cowboy. 1 timers are hard and fun in this map. Thanks to everyone for beta testing you know who you are. Well i hope you guys enjoy this one. Peace Out. --DSEZ

D2 Map Pack by DSEZKiller on April 5, 2003

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Well Im back with another big map pack for Minrabbit. This map pack is The D2 Map Pack. Which is a sequal to The D Map Pack which contained 13 maps for Lak and MinRabbit. But with The D2 Map Pack I have noticed the limited amount of maps for MinRabbit. The D Map Pack is playing on almost ever MinRabbit and some LakRabbit servers. So here is 30. Yes u read 30 new maps for MinRabbit. There are serverside and client side maps in this pack.

Soccer Rabbit by DSEZKiller on February 26, 2003

Other Lush Foggy Client Side

Hey well i am deleting all my t2 stuff on my comp i found a few maps that i just totally forgot about here is Soccer Rabbit. A big Tr2 map with a flat soccer field. Sking while using the energy pack will make for the flat ground this map makes for great 1 times and other tr2 moves. Many people helped me on this ive had this for so long i dont know who helped check this one out but thanks to everyone in the forums who helped thanks to the people on the pond who helped me with this one and thanks for your sopport to everyone.Ill see ya guys peace out. ----DSEZ

D Map Pack by DSEZKiller on February 9, 2003

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The (D) map pack contains 13 MinRabbit and LakRabbit maps. These maps are: Agents Of Fortune,Arrakis, Casern Cavite, Equinox, Escalade, Fracas, Fudds Frostbite, Invictus, MyrkWood, Oasis, Refuge, Underhill, and Whiteout. Arrakis, Fudds Frostbite, and Refuge were originally rabbit maps by Tex and i have edited into LakRabbit and MinRabbit maps. The other maps are basically the same maps but have been edited for the 2 mods. Thanks to I have a big gun, Uporia, and a few others for the beta testing. See you guys next time. ---DSEZ

Boba Fetts City by Cyborg_Boba_fet on February 8, 2003

Bounty Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Other Rabbit Team Hunters Lush Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well this is my first city atemp. My next one will be much much better. But I mise well test what people think of this one first.

Well their are bases for CTF. they are like a big 4 or 5 story apartment. With a vehicle station. And about 4 invos.

If you are missing anything please tell me. Its hard to keep track of what to put in and stuff if you have all this other crap kicking around.

Team Gauntlet Pack by DSEZKiller on January 20, 2003

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This map pack is made of my Arena maps converted into Team Gauntlet. What is Team Gauntlet you ask? Team Gauntlet is a mod for tribes 2 that brings together arena and duel. The concept behind it is simple: create something that tests individual skills of each player on a team, while maintaining the setting of teamwork. While this idea was invented in Tribes 1 Duel Tournament. Gauntlet improves upon it to the point where it is nearly impossible to compare the two. A wide variety of features have been added to speed up gameplay, reward skilled players, and push llamas.

Death Match RPG by Shalos on January 12, 2003

Other Volcanic Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

This is inlcuded with the Tribes 2 RPG mod that has just released its alpha version(DeathMatch). T2rpg is based of Tribes 1 RPG.

You must have the mod to play this map and can get it here.


The map includes some bridges, a broke up town.. and a prison area to fight by.. The mod is RPG style fight other players with swords and can even cast a few spells.. The release allows you to code in more spells if you like.. This is the final release for the DeathMatch version of T2rpg..