Hockey Rabbit by DSEZKiller on November 17, 2002

Other Snow Snowing Client Side Night

This map is Team Rabbit 2 Hockey.This map uses the fast slippery ice to pick up speed.The glisding passes and the crazy one timers is what makes this map unique.The flag is located in the middle of the map.The goals are one to each side of the teams goal.This map is as even as a even map can get!Well thanks to everyone and ???Unkown???,Verna and others for beta testing.

Hot Rabbit by DSEZKiller on November 6, 2002

Other Desert Clear Client Side

This map is fast, fast, and um... Fast! Ok this map is for the people that have the need for speed! The great sand dunes have the right droping point and smoothness of them.The flag is located in the middle of the map. There are a few paths from spawnbase to the flag to the other teams goal. Well once again this is another Tr2 map hope to be releasing more in the future.Thanks!

SlapDaSwitch by Laeren on November 5, 2002

Other Other Clear

Map design based on Slapdash, thus the name.

A brand new take on siege, with both teams acting as Offense and Defense at the same time, which can appeal to many CTF players as well as Siege players.

Both bases are identical and contain 2 gens. These gens power forcefields around the switch. The object is to destroy the opposing team's generators and then cap the switch, while defending your own from attack.

When the enemy's generators go down, the switch is accessible to your team only. If your own generators are down the other team can cap.

Valley Rabbit by DSEZKiller on November 4, 2002

Other Other Clear Client Side

This map is fast, skiable, and fun!The valley is very skiable. The hills make for a good cowboy goal or for setting up some killer one timers. The spawn chutes are located 1 on each side of the goal. The flag is located on top of the mountain in the middle of the valley. Thanks to Verna for beta testing. This is my 3rd Tr2 map! Hoping its not my last.

Battle On The Beach by DSEZKiller on October 30, 2002

Other Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

I have been working on this map for a long time. This map is basically a tiny map with fast game play. The boucy water and the cannons contribute the fast gameplay. You can also make creative passes with the water. Making bounce passes to one timers is a great creativity bonus. This map has custom shapes made by Berk and a custom sky by Alundra. Thanks to all the beta testers from the beginning. Alundra, Verna, Laeren, Flaming Rage, Spootbot,Sqeakers, and Darklord. This map includes all the shapes and skies so no downloading other maps to play this. Thank you.

Palestra by jacen on October 28, 2002

Other Lush Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Palestra is the first in my concept of stadium style Team Rabbit 2 game play.

It is a very action oriented map but it plays out a little differently then other TR2 maps. The map it self is very small in comparison to the standard TR2 maps that came with the patch. The main difference besides the scale of the level is that it does not focus on traditional methods of speed increase such as skiing. Instead Palestra offers several other ways to build up your momentum and speed.

Helmor Hills by \<>(*)<>/ on October 11, 2002

Other Rabbit Lush Foggy Client Side

Hello. Finnaly got this map to work right after Bytor informed me that things were getting weird. *Thanks Bytor* Anyway this is my first try at a TR2 map. It's a larg map but going down the middle will only take seconds to through the flag in the goal. If you get it just right. If not, the enemy will be right over you. Very hilly terrain. I tried for big size and a fast ride. That's my say on it. Hope it works out.

The Obstacle Course by Vain|^| on October 5, 2002

Other Lush Raining Client Side Night

This map must be played with at least 2 people on the same team. This map is in its first and final version so if you want it changed you'll have to do it yourself. Also you might want to use a good server or LAN because the map hogs frames like you wouldn't believe. Otherwise have fun and work as a team. When your guy/girl gets the flag remember they become the most important person on the map and you should cap (or keep the other team from capping) at all costs. Only 1 cap is needed to win and for hints or strategies check out the readme file. Cya all around.


Cold Rabbit by DSEZKiller on September 29, 2002

Other Snow Snowing Client Side

This map takes team work and work and skill. The 2 cannons are directly below each goal which makes for a fast pace game. The flag is located in the middle of the 2 goals. Each team has 2 spawning towers. Which are behind the goal. In order to achieve a goal the team must work through this mountainous terrian. This is my first Team Rabbit 2 map and hopefully not my last. I want to thank Jambon for some testing help and ideas. I hope u all enjoy playing Team Rabbit 2.