Real City 2002 by Icea_PL on September 23, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

First "Real" city for T2. Two bases located at edges of city, well armored. One copturable object (Tower) with sensors, IS and turetts. Two versions included: Day, Night, other on my site. Also three types of game: CTF, TeamDM, Dogfight. Many buildings and other city stuff...

If you like to fill wind in your chair... too fly like crazy around buildings and feel speed... sniping from a top of buildings...

Adumula Iceplains by LoneWolf Team on September 2, 2002

Other Single Player Snow Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Starwolf: Adumula Iceplains starts off a Crisis which promises to at once become much deeper than anyone at the Outposts ever dreamed. In this mission, you are to defend a critical tower from an attacking force of Derms that are supposed to be made light of in no time.

This mission has to be played to experienced, quite frankly. The bots are awesome (Capto), the WC shapes are new (CleverClothe/Berk) the skies were made special for this (Dr. Pimento) and there are even voices (Death Lobster), since Lt.

FootBall2 by TheBerk on August 11, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Volcanic Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

You will need to look at my first map as to how to make it a football server. I made this many months ago and didn't recieve much feedback. So I wasn't sure about releasing it. Oh well here goes.
Just send me any comments to my email. mainly if you have probs with the map, IE errors and such.
Have fun and I hoep to have at least a few more football maps in me.. : )

WateryConstuction by Cyborg_Boba_fet on June 5, 2002

Other Lush Clear

I made this map for constuction mod. Why? Because usualy when i'm playing with JackTL people usualy want him to add a deployable water. So I decided to make a map with 4 different water types to build on.

Construction Zone by Proxus on June 1, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Snow Snowing Client Side

Completely flat mission built for Construction mod. The sun is bule and the snow is pusshed by a little breeze. The Lighting is set to bright that way Constructors can see what they are doing easily . Vissable distance is set to 2000 so you can see many buildings at one time. This map Was Created by Prox us For the Tribe -TC1- (The Construction Ones)

Flag Run by Sammboy125 on May 20, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Other Clear Client Side Night

Personally, the most unusual map I've seen. It's actually a reversed CTF, and that means that the enemy flag starts in YOUR base. Well, it would, but there are NO bases, just 2 indestructable inventory stations. Flags are VERY close together, so keep an eye out for snipers and the fast meteors.

Made for fast and furious bloodshed and demending good team play, this is certainly the map to try for clan practice and small skirmishes.

I am going to release an updated version with BOT suppourt soon, so keep an eye out.
And yes, it IS my first map. :-D

Jailbait Pack by TseTse on April 12, 2002

Other Snow Clear

Three maps for Zod's awesome Jailbreak gametype. Simple, server-side maps with a few extras. Enjoy, and make more jailbrak maps!

Vulcanide by Shadow Facts on March 18, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Volcanic Foggy Client Side Night

This is another map I have made. The objects I used to make it were the original objects and the ones from a bridge to far. And I thank them for creating those objects. The map is situated on a dry and hot planet. Each team has a Main base were the flag is located around several force fields. In order the get the force fields down the team have to destroy two generators at the flag defence tower not too far ways form the main base. So when the team is or both I’d imagine both team would be are try to get the flag, have to get in to the base and take the flag.

Minimal Defense by R i t z on March 15, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Lush Clear

Minimal defense is exactly what it is called. You have one inventory, one generaot, and one vehicle pad. Then your only defense are three walls and a ramp. Your flag is on the middle wall. There is a center objective called the stronghold, and it has sensors and inventory stations( great for flag cappers to sit and lick their wounds).
BTW the pictures I sent in are the older version it looks different.

~~~R i t z out~~~