Chaos Racing by TalonKarrde on August 21, 2001

Race Lush Clear Client Side

My friend can supposible get Jump The Gap to work but well see...Anyway,this is my newest racing map,First you race through some canyons and then in the air on bridges.Not too long but not that short either.Screenshots still wont work...My comp is freezing while generating spawngraphs again so i did something interesting this time to counter it.Anyway,i hope oyu guys like it,i spent around 12 hours making the map and getting rid of about 100 terrain bugs(ugh.....i hate the terrain editor now)I hope it provides somewhat of a challenge.

Desert Raceway by Lead Falcon on August 19, 2001

Race Desert Foggy Night

Updated - 8/23/01

Ive uploaded a new version which has fewer flames in the city part and a lower visible distance. it shouldnt lag as much now and once you light it the first time you never have to again so please dont complain!

One note first - im not sure if you have to download it cause ive hosted it before and people join and leave but they might just be leaving because of the long load time. so download it to be safe. anyway, this mission is a race map set in the desert and is just like a roller coaster. there are helixes, jumps, obstacles, and LOADS of eyecandy.

Race Pack by Ace on August 15, 2001

Race Other Clear

There are three race maps here, Ice, Lush, and Desert. A change from my usual maps like ThemePark2 and Goliath these are all on the ground. Simple races for a few laps instead of falling to your death. The Lush race is MPB Raceway without the track in the sky and a few other changes.

Canyon Raceway by Red Shifter on August 11, 2001

Race Desert Clear Client Side

Here is the most extreme raceway that you'll find, outside of the insane air raceways that Ace makes. Race around in your wildcat and go through drops and jumps so extreme that you'll go insane trying to manuever your wildcat on them. Start at the beginning and race against many, or race by yourself. A great, solid raceway, with a rather surprising ending! Unlike other raceways, this one runs from start to finish instead of in laps.

Terminal Velocity by Mercen4ry on August 8, 2001

Capture the Flag Race Volcanic Storming Night

Welcome to Terminal Velocity, the CTFer's portal to Wildcat Racing, Crazed air dueling, or suicidal Jerricho tricks. 1.5 k up, 14k of non-linear track, this map allows all vehicles for the crazed CTFer, or the criminally insane grav bikers. Also featuring loops (although they dont work until a pro drives them, or Dynamix fixes the physics), sky line dives, and suicidal Jerricho flips, this map should please every audience, provided you have enough skill :). For this, I decided to throw load times out the window to provide pure quality and solid fps.

Goliath by Ace on August 3, 2001

Race Volcanic Clear Night

1000 meters high, over 18,000 meters long. This is the biggest race track i have ever made. Combining everything from previous race maps and adding more with even wider track and easier turns.

MPB Raceway by Ace on July 29, 2001

Race Lush Clear Night

This map was made mainly for MPB's but is also great for racing Wildcats and Beowulfs. A seperate track was made just for Wildcats. Different from ThemePark2 the track on this one is wider and has much wider turns, although it is not as long.

ThemePark2 by Ace on July 19, 2001

Race Volcanic Clear

Unlike ThemePark1, this one is longer and bigger, with more suprises. And unlike most Racing maps it takes skill. The most important thing to remember is to keep your nose up. And remember Slowing down on turns never killed anybody. Or did it i don't know.