Single Player

Rescue Buffy by Capto Lamia on January 25, 2002

Single Player Lush Foggy Bots Client Side

This is a true Training Singleplayer Triaing Type Mission. It must selected from the Training (Solo/Lan) menu.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is trapped inside an old castle. The bioderm Horde is planning very bad things for her. Your mission is to rescue Buffy.

Good Luck

Capto Lamia
The Seeker of Vampires

Sniping Challenge by Hakuryu on August 18, 2001

Single Player Snow Clear Client Side

A single player training mission for sniping practice. Kills are awarded for full energy shots to the head or torso. A player must kill different amounts based on difficulty, and the bots' fly lower on the higher difficulties also.

BarbedWire by PIRANHA on July 20, 2001

Capture the Flag Single Player Other Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures

This is smaller map that provides very fast and exciting game play. There are two opposing bases with a controlable bunker in between. They are both heavily defended by two turrents. One of the bases is dug in the side of a mountain and the other is burrowed down in the earth. The Flags are in high, open areas wich makes for heart pounding caps. One of the bases even has a tunnel outgoing, through a mountain and coming out the other side(makes interesting situations!)This map is a very fun ride. I love it!(not surprisingly)