Vendaric by ZOD on August 17, 2004

Capture the Flag Defend and Destroy Desert Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

This map is based on Vestige by dr boom and uses his interiors, I liked his map so much I wanted to make a non-Siege version.

Some gameplay altering scripting was done. Sparkys teleporters were added just as they are in dr booms map. You can undeploy deployables simply by walking up to one, looking at it and pressing your pack key. This was put in because maybe you do not like where the bot placed something.

All scripting is activated via the Map Support Pack v2 by Founder, myself and TseTse. You can choose to not run any of the scripting by setting $Host::AllowMapScript = 0; in your ServerPrefs.cs file. However, disabling the scripting will result in the teleporters not existing.

This map will work with base and Classic servers. It has not been tested on heavily modded servers, but as said above you can disable all scripting.

Enjoy :-)


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by dr boom on August 20, 2004 · Rating:

Sweet! I often wished I would have made a CTF version of this. I'm glad you did it though, because I would have been unable to add the clever scripting/bots and so forth. Good job!

by Ensign Munro on August 22, 2004 · Rating:

Now, this is what i call a map. I love the interiors, and the use of sparky's teleporter script (least, i think it is Sparky's). Anyway, it looks like days upon days of work was put into this map, and it paid off. Great job!