FrozenFuryCTF by Wichita on November 21, 2005

Capture the Flag Snow Clear

A ctf version of the terrain for FrozenFury Team Rabbit with some neat twists and animated forcefields built in. Teleporters and lava add some interesting challenges.
Miami please pick it up?

Flatland Reborn by Blnukem on August 28, 2005

Other Desert Clear Client Side

The new flatland canyon is awsome with an oasis,Main and Secondary base, and... a tatoo and a super computer!?!?

The Terrian is better theres more invintory stations and repairpack throughout the map(For Destroyed stuff, DuH!)its got everything, the oasis rock also...

Sacred by KoDaK Moments on July 20, 2005

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

The Phoenix tribe built a sacred tomb for one their greatest leaders. For centuries, they have defended the land surrounding and the tomb itself.

A defense system was built so that only the team that has the tomb under their control may cap the flags. Of course, the enemies may still enter through either of the two doors, but the many turrets will cut them down in seconds.

The control switch floats above the tomb on a platform, with two AA turrets on each side.

The Forcefields defending the flags insde can be passed through if that player's team controls the tomb.

Clarity by KoDaK Moments on July 14, 2005

Arena Lush Clear

Clarity takes place in an open area with a ton of visibility, hence the name.

Each team starts in a TR2-style base, where they can gear up and head out. Both bases are placed on a large hill so the players can ski down into the open easily.

On one side, there are grassy hills and both team's bases. On the other is a flat area with health kits and towers.

VolcanOasis by Wipeout on May 6, 2005

Siege Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

On this map the attackers start in the moutains. They must go into the oasis and destroy the generator in a base inside a Volcano. At first there is only one way into the Volcano base and that is threw the top of the volcano. At the top of the volcano there is a gen that the attacking team can repair so that will spawn a landing pad so that the drop into the base wont do damage to them. Once inside there are 2 gens to destroy one that powers the force fields to the front entrances and one that protects the switch. The gen that protects switch cannot be repaired.

CreepingDeath by Wipeout on April 9, 2005

Capture the Flag Lush Clear

I tried to keep this map simple (people have said i make my map to complex before),I did divide the power management but I didnt seperate the gens, all five gens are in one room in the main base. The 2 gens on the right power the vehicle bunker on the right side of base, the 2 gens on left power the vehicle bunker on the left side of base, the fith gen in the middle powers main base. There are 2 towers in front of main base that have a solar panel on top that powers the tower, the tower contains one inventory station, a plasma turret and a large sensor.

Dune Sea by starstriker1 on April 8, 2005

Capture the Flag Other Desert Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well, would you look at that? Its finally done. Put the last tweaks in today after a long negligence of anything tribes related.

This, people, is a map-mod. I can't take credit for doing it first, but I'm proud of it none-the-less. You may not use these scripts in a map of your own without my explicit permission. I'll try to check my PMs on this site.

Now, heres what the map is like. No inventory stations, people, just one huge, well-stocked armoury. There are hundreds of objects scattered around the map in what I HOPE is a convenient setup.

Aztec Temple by Lagg_Alot on April 1, 2005

Siege Desert Clear Bots

This mission starts as an outdoor onslaught of incoming vehicles. If the offense manages to Claim the outdoor Altar Switch and Spawn it could turn the tide of the battle to a fast paced indoor war for the 14 generators that power the Base and the Objective Switch Force Field.

The Defense has the advantage of a lot of inventory stations and the high ground.
The offense has the advantage of all vehicles as well as the MPB Teleporter.

The capturable Altar hosts a set of Sparky's Teleporters that allow quick access into the large fortification.

Convoy -Final Assault- by alingis on March 25, 2005

Other Siege Lush Clear Night

Final version of the Convoy series.

This map plays as a new gametype. The goal:

Defense: Drive and protect the convoys (MPBs) across the treacherous terrain to reach the other side of the zone. Score +1 for each convoy that arrives safely.

Offense: Destroy all 4 convoys to clear the forcefields protecting the switch, then cap. +1 point for fastest cap.

As always, thanks to all the Tribes fans, past and present, who have made this an enjoyable community to participate in.

Ruined by Ubernator on March 25, 2005

Capture the Flag Lush Clear

I had this map done a while ago, but now T2maps is back up!

Ruined features walls and other ruins surrounding the flag area. This creates a highly farmable open-flag setup.

Only Havocs and Jerichos are available to the two teams, so the combat is centered around infantry tactics. Coordination between cappers and HO flag clearers is key on offense and LD/turret farmers are important for keeping the defense tight.

This is a simple, straightforward map and is playable for both small and large crowds. It is on the Houston Vehicles server already, and it seems many there enjoy it.