The Perfect Blizzard by _Tex on June 6, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Night

EEPROM's map The Perfect Storm inspired this, as you can tell, but it is in no way a rip off...

The Perfect Storm has long been one of my favorite maps so I wanted to do something quite similar to it. This is the end result. Many of the things are sized considerably different from The Perfect Storm so don't go into it thinkign you're in the same map.

Algonjak by Makavelli on June 5, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Night

A bloodly war has broken out on the planet Algonjak and you have been drafted...

This is a large map for large servers. Have fun and plz drop some comments.

Read me is a Script, if you have Writers Support you will be able to read it !

Atropos by silvers_revenge on June 2, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Client Side

Weary from recent battles, a new clan,the Royal Dragoons seek shelter amongst a cold and desolate wasteland. An abadoned stronghold that lies deep within the surrounding hillside is their refuge. Unaware that the prior inhabitants have come back to claim what is theirs, the Royal Dragoons find themselves again in battle. The battle must be won at Atropos.

Construction Zone by Proxus on June 1, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Snow Snowing Client Side

Completely flat mission built for Construction mod. The sun is bule and the snow is pusshed by a little breeze. The Lighting is set to bright that way Constructors can see what they are doing easily . Vissable distance is set to 2000 so you can see many buildings at one time. This map Was Created by Prox us For the Tribe -TC1- (The Construction Ones)

Dead of Winter by Uncle Bob on May 18, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side Custom Textures

Hi again! First map using new textures I made for the land. Well some borrowed but I messed with alot to give it a new feel.
But I learned some trix so there will be more maps with new textures. Next map will be lush then volcanic. But the point of this is I hope you enjoy the new textures and Hope they are good.
I think there good but it's up the people and the few fans I have. Well SEE YA! =))

SnowStorm by PsychoBorg on May 14, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

This map is based on hardcore teamwork, each team has 2 bases, 1 ForceField Base and 1 Main Base offence must take down the shields before they can reach the flag. Visibility is also very low so you'll have to place sensors if you want to see the enemies' little red arrows through the fog. Vehicles are also limited to Shrike, Bomber, and Havoc. Base defence consitsts of 2 outdoor plasma turrets, 1 AA turret, and 2 indoor sentry turrets.

ThinAir by Wipeout on May 5, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side

On this map there is two bases on top of two giant hills and the only way to get to the other teams base is by using Vehicals.
If you like using Vehicals then you will like this map. Enjoy.


RabbitHole by White|Rabbit on April 30, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Snowing Client Side

Each base has 1 mainbase, 1 vehicle pad and 1 flagtower. The bases are defended by 2 base turrets (1 at the flagtower) and a Large sensor

2 objectives, both objectives have a tower, a sensor and a baseturret

The objectives are at the center of the map where the large bridge is, they are necessary for defending the bridge. Its important u capture those objectives to secure victory

POPOs Revenge_w by KillerBagel on April 28, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side

The base on this map is simple; pulse sensor on top, invs in the middle, turret guarding flag, vehicle pad under the base.

Don't be fooled, everything is wide open, and with the terrain as easily skiiable as it is, base defense is sure to have a hard time. Likewise, the flag is out in the open with only one base turret protecting it--keeping gameplay fast for both cappers and flag D.

This is a balanced map, with bases approximately 1250m apart and respective towers only 250m apart.