1914 by Gaz on May 1, 2002

Capture the Flag Badlands Storming Bots Client Side Custom Textures

This map is loosely based upon trench warfare in World War One, it has 2 lines of trenches, separated by about 500k of no mans land. There is a destroyed Starwolf base which adds an interesting twist (bug actually ;) ) to play...
There are a lot of turrets defending each teams trenches. Iventory stations are available by each teams flag stand and there is a MPB at the other end on each teams trench.

Have a look in the vl2 (open it in win zip) for an extended description.

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Minotaur Underground by |ASS| Berzerk on April 26, 2002

Hunters Team Hunters Badlands Storming Bots

Another simple spin on a favorite record for the sake of Hunters fans. Only this time we crank the RPMs up to 78. With the Nexus buried deep in the catacombs of Minotaur, Minotaur Underground forces the player to push inside to cap...unless the players that have spawned inside have something to say about it!

Toe-to-toe surprises & an oversized "No Camping" zone around the Nexus add up to some tense "tunnel rat" action. The surrounding hills have hidden troves of health for when you need to break away to fight another day. Good Luck!

Heavy Arms by -Deus on April 16, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Storming

This Map Has A Nice Balence To It, A good Range OF Vision For Sniping,Morter Spam Etc... The Flag Is In a Good Balance For Defencive Players And The Cappers.

Silent Storm by MikL99 on April 15, 2002

Siege Lush Storming

Silent Storm is a Siege map. The Attackers have a Vehicle station and all vehicles to use. Attack the FF Tower to take out the FF's on The Main base. Take out the Equipment Generator to disable the Defenses Inventory Stations. There is a Bunker with Solar power that controls 1 Inventory station. Take out the Control gen To Get the Switch.Lightning has a good chance of hitting people. Teamwork is a must.

Black Talos by -Deus on April 12, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Storming

Designed For TWL 7v7 CTF.
This Map Is Great For Skiing
There Are May Places Where You Can Snipe From And Morter Spam On Flag And Base Raper Have To Go In Top To Kill Base.

Minotaur Hunters by |ASS| Berzerk on March 29, 2002

Hunters Team Hunters Badlands Storming Bots

I never did understand why there wasn't a Hunters version of Minotaur. The size and terrain seemed perfect for Hunters. Guess what? It is perfect for Hunters and now there is a Hunters version of Minotaur.

Hunters lovers, say hello to Minotaur Hunters. Completly ServerSide, Minotaur Hunters has a centrally located Nexus, spawn points scattered around the ridge lines, health kits hidden in the hills and full Bot support. All this and more for some fast Hunters action.