Wetland Raceway by Mercen4ry on August 26, 2001

Race Lush Clear Night

Welcome to Wetland Raceway, my first attempt at a pure race map. Right off the start some players may notice something odd: the gravity is lowered to 7/10th of normal. This forces racers to be very careful not to fly off the road, even though it's fairly wide. As you race around this track you will discover many roadside hazards: Rocks and obstacles on the roadway, Rings of Fire, a huge (over 100m!) loop-the-loop, and our old friend electricity :). Even though there is plenty of eye-candy to liven up the road, lighting times remain fast and fps high. Just try to pay attention to the road :).


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by Lead Falcon on August 27, 2001 · Rating:

im guessing you liked my race map (Desert Raceway) cause this is a complete copy of the idea. you did a good job though with the theme and all the eyecandy. i especially like the scaled up tree arch with vines hanging from it (btw what is the object name of those vines?). there are a couple minor errors like misaligned track pieces, large bumps, and hovering objects (one of the brown spires is floating too far above the water). i cant blame everyone for not being a perfectionist like me though ;). you were right, the load time was reasonable and fps was high on my athlon 1.1 GHz / geforce2 GTS 64 mb / 256 mb ram with textures at full. overall its a nice production so it gets an A.

by Mercen4ry on August 29, 2001 · Rating:

Ok, let me try to go right down the list. The vines are BE Static plants, the "flying spire" is not flying at all, but the spire underneath dissappears in the fog, the ideas of our maps may seem alike due to the scope of random eye-candy in your Desert Raceway, and the original theme of mine (this map was intended to be "Elements," but the idea didn't fit when I couldn't work lava into the design), though the knowledge that loops work came from playing Desert Raceway once over (and the comments). Earth (the cave), Fire and Air (burning air garden), Water (duh, water planet), Spirit (the cave again), and Electricity all fit into the design, but at different increments, so I scrapped the idea of "Elements" and gave way to the more generic "Wetland Raceway". We could debate map ideas and issues all day, but thx for being honest :). I do, however, have a bad habit of trying to rework some map ideas to ready them for pubs (like the lowered gravity, or limited lightning block for electricity). It's just too bad my maps will probably never go that far...

by Mercen4ry on September 3, 2001 · Rating:

If you want to bitch about how long this takes to load, don't play race maps :). This is probably one of the fastest loading SS Race maps, but I cant be 100 percent sure...

by Ms.Maul on September 15, 2001 · Rating:

Ooooohhhh man. This is just BEAUTIFUL. Very well executed, not *TOO* hard in relation to other racing maps. The thing I really liked was how the author gave names to every point.
My suggestions: As with many race maps, I think it's a good idea to make 'checkpoints' with additional vehicle pads that players can fly back to and restart from at their death area.

by Mercen4ry on September 23, 2001 · Rating:

If you will notice the halfway VPad located before the loop, that is my "checkpoint." :) Didn't want to make the map too easy should someone fall off. Thx for the comment btw.

by Mercen4ry on September 29, 2001 · Rating:

Yes I figured, but sadly I will probably never make another racing map. That is, unless something HUGE happens in terms of ideas. So far, most of the ideas I get are for CTF and/or Siege maps, but I don't know... maybe some day I'll revisit race maps.

by ][)3m()N on December 14, 2001 · Rating:

Perfect map in every way except that durned loop. It is impossible for the grav to do loops greater than 110 degrees or so. I have tryed in all the bikes with varying speeds, but it simply wont let you get past the loop.

by Mercen4ry on January 8, 2002 · Rating:

Well, I have managed to do it in a regular, non-modded wildcat a while ago. Basically, you hafta go slow or the bike gets totaled due to T2's base gravity-centric physics model. :)

by killbot on March 13, 2002 · Rating:

yes, very well done map. my only complaint was the loop. i dunno, i always blow up when i get verticle. But utherwise VERY well done.

by Drummer 90 on September 18, 2005 · Rating:

Great map with tons of eye-candy. The tunnel was awsome, but it's so easy to fall off the track, and the loop is impossible for a grav cycle, though i found a shortcut around the loop ;)