Wizard Chess by MageMod on January 2, 2004

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

Dear Player,

Wizard Chess (CTF) is the eighth map created by myself, |CHAOS MAGE| (AKA- MageMod).

The terrain is from 'Thin Ice' so the ground is ice, with a nice sky from the 'Surreal' map. Each base is approximately 500m apart. It is snowing lightly.

The bases consist of eight (8) Diamond Sword towers hovering right above water. Two towers contain generators that control the entire base's inventory stations, turrets, sensors, and "boost gates". The "boost gates" are also powered by solar panels (one for each "gate"). The flags are out in the open, but separated by floating platforms. Since the bases are so close together, there is a quite a bit of fog. Underwater visibility is approx. 50m.

No vehicle stations and no bot support.

Thank you for downloading the map. Please e-mail me at MageModvX@hotmail.com with suggestions and comments!

Also, download MageMod, the latest modification in fantasy-based first person shooting for T2! geocities.com/magemod/


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by kLUMSY bOT on January 14, 2004 · Rating:

yes CKarl... thats just about all i use... spend 80\% of the time mapping making the interiors alone... but *points to sign saying "Players must download: No"* so that means someone spent ages getting the crosses just right... im amazed, confused and suprised by you SS mappers...