TR2 Flag Announcements by Cyfin


Team Rabbit 2 - Helps you and your team keep track of the flag by canned chat messages. And, shows a message under your reticle when you get, or drop, the flag.

Temp Beacon by xTempestx


Add binds to automatically place Target/Marker beacons without having to keep your aim. This script is one of Tempest's tutorials.

Spawn Fix by Daniel Trevino


Fixes a bug in T2 where your FOV is set back to 90 on respawn. You can now use whatever FOV you want by editing your "$pref::Player::defaultFov" in ClientPrefs.cs

Drop Keys by Alexander Bjerkan

Keybind Controls

Possibility to add key bindings to drop grens, mines, rep kit and beacons, just like you can drop flag/pack/weapon. You can also add a keybinding that "Drops All", that means pack, weapon, grens, mines, rep kit, beacons & ammo to help a dying friend.

Jump Jet by Shane Taylor


combines the jump and jet into one key that auto switches to pure jet when piloting vehicles