Deadmarshes by kLUMSY bOT on October 2, 2003

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Deadmarshes is the 3rd map I've created. I is a very fast and evil map, on an open plain with water everywhere.

A tower in the middle (sorry Nefilim!) is the hub of the map, although there are weapon and health caches around the perimiter.

I have an interesting new way around those annoying OOBers. Previously, lightning made sure that no-one ventured beyond boundaries, but now, I've made a better, non-violent way to keep players in...

*Its just not the same! To download the map the way it was ment to be played; with a teamname and skin scripts, and cool music, visit my website (link above, the .vl2 is included). More cool things are also available at my website, like a cool shrike blaster with splash damage...


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by kLUMSY bOT on October 2, 2003 · Rating:

BTW, my website is about to move... please dont download maps from my website right now. Sorry, i just had a look at those screenies... they don't do justice to the the map. a HUGE amount of clarity has been lost somewhere... it hurts to look at it. sorry again.

by Daem0hn on October 3, 2003 · Rating:

One of my favorite deathmatch maps, i havent played rabbit or hunters, but i am sure they are just as good

i rate this map A- and recommend it to everyone