Battle Room 2 - Enders War by Mercen4ry on November 21, 2001

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Team Hunters Other Clear Night

First off, this is NOT a remake of FlyingElmo's Arena Map. It was sheer coincidence that both of us came upon the same idea, but you will find our interpretations of Ender's Game to be completely different.

Anyway, as I just stated, this map is based solely on the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and as such many things may appear odd to you, the player. As such, let me try my best to explain the situation as it relates to the book.

1) Base Setup:
Bases are scaled larger than normal. Since the book sets Andrew "Ender" Wiggin as a child genius of 6-8 years old, I have given players the same feeling in the map.

2) Zero-Gravity Battle Room, Gates controlled by 4 Solar Panels, and floating boxes (stars):
To hold true to the book, I have added bouncable walls to the battle room. Also, the "Gates" (team green FFs) are controlled by 4 solar panels located around it. Since in the book 4 people had to hold these locations while a fifth flew through it to win, this little quirk is my solution. Teamplay anyone? (and the stars, which are placed at random, are your only cover :)

No Inventory Stations:
This will probably make some players howl, but since it is already a novelty map which is a pure interpretation I don't mind. Yes, yes, there are no invs, but if you cannot get the right setup from what I left players then it's your problem, not mine. This is made to keep players equal and to prevent missiles, mortars, and other very evil weapons...

Hook Laser:
For the sake of movement in zero-g, I have added a variant of Bean's string idea to the map (Thx Dev and Riatha for the script and idea). This "hook", placed where the target laser would be, is very useful for getting around. Also, if you happen to toss yours, I have added one to the weapons cache (Changed my mind on this point. The person suggesting this knows who I am speaking to :).

Also added (and not mentioned) include a secret flag route and randomized repair pack location, so feel free to explore. Enjoy!

And remember, while T2's engine does not allow it, your enemy's base is ALWAYS down. :)

Shot 1: The Battle Room
Shot 2: Flag Area
Shot 3: Weapons Cache
Shot 4: The Elusive Repair Pack

Feedback/Comments Welcome. Also, if this map throws red console errors (it does for some people, but apparently not all) please speak up.


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by Mercen4ry on November 21, 2001 · Rating:

Well anyway, I am jumping on the CS bandwagon from here forward, so expect more customized items than your generic SS map. Later.

by =DuD= Mo_Steel on November 22, 2001 · Rating:

I like it, and I hate it. No inv's i hate it, excellent weapons setup, i like it. Zero grav room, I like it, too dark, I hate it. This would make for a really cruel arena map...

by BUGGER33 on January 9, 2003 · Rating:

2 years after ya made it but gota comment. It's pretty good, fine map, few bads, but kool. Hehheh, Ender.... guess where I got my name?

by Argive on June 27, 2002 · Rating:

I really enjoyed the map, the laser was a great idea. I think your map stayed more true to the ideas in the novel. I think Flying Elmo used the under water physics for his arean room but it seemed you used something much more suited for the Battle Room. I do think this could make a great Arena map but the idea of the gens and force field are great for CTF. The way you placed the satch and laser rifles add very well to balance ( I still haven't been able to get that rep pack =P ). If you get a game going with this map I would love to join! Please Email me at [email protected] if you do or ever host one. I hope you do not get discouraged by the lack of feedback, I think you have a very real talent and look forward to more maps from you!

by Mercen4ry on August 3, 2002 · Rating:

Well, thanks for the review, but as of now I'm basically retired from the T2 scene to move on to newer games like JK2, RtCW, and (hopefully) Unreal 2003. Glad to know someone out there really enjoyed my work. :)

by Gorre on May 27, 2003 · Rating:

I haven't played the map, but I have read the book. Are there little kids in this one too?, lol. The map looks good, though, keep up the good work