Spy vs Spy by NecroBones on June 14, 2001

Capture the Flag Other Clear

This is an entirely indoor map, with a twist. The two bases are identical and connected by three long tunnels with misty air vents and some crates for cover. There are no inventory stations, but an armory room can provide what you need, and there are plenty of cloak-packs and shocklances to be grabbed. Generally, sneaking around the enemy base can be the way to go, hence the name. Not my best map, I know, and a lot of people try to vote it away, but some people really love it, and it can be rather fun and refreshing.


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by Star on June 15, 2001 · Rating:

Someone one of these days had to be an indoor only map that forcused more on approach than who can jet the best. The no inv idea makes sure that turrets cannot be a teams main defense, instead they have to do it themselves. This map would make interesting gameplay.

by Burn14 on June 19, 2001 · Rating:

Well made map. One of the best Indoor maps around. Those of you who like indoor maps, espcesailly becuase they wont hurt ur FPS this one is a great one to have.