Fumarole by Lagg_Alot on June 30, 2004

Siege Volcanic Foggy Bots Night

This Siege mission has 3 Solar Panels to gain access to the Defender’s Base. Two Main Generators as well as one Reserve Generator exposes the Switch. The Defenders are going to have to work hard in this mission. The Solar Panels power separately the Entrance Inventory Stations and their Force Fields. Spawns are linked to the Main Generators causing the Defenders to only Spawn Outside if they are down . The Reserve Generator is deep in the cellar and well Defended, it powers 2 Inventory Stations and a Sentry Turret. It will not be easy to Defended the Objective Switch if it is exposed.

MageMod Map Pack by MageMod on June 16, 2004

Capture the Flag Siege Other Clear

Dear Players,

The "MageMod MapPack" contains the official maps for MageMod. There are eight maps. Some of the maps are recreations of other maps I've uploaded, but with fixed FPS issues. These maps should work with all mods!

For example; Arrogant Queens now has less objects that make up each castle, and Acropolis is easier to cap in (ie.

Ocean Breeze by DSEZKiller on June 15, 2004

Siege Other Clear

This map was made by Verna and DSEZ and the scripting was done by Alingis and A Tiny Fishie. The basic map elements; sky, fog, starting bases, and water were taken from Tex's map Ocean Front Property. The teleport pads and scrip was done by Sparky. In this map the offensive team starts out in 2 bases each on other sides of the maps. To open the force field around the floating switch they have to take down all 3 sandcastle generators. They also have a forward base in the middle of the map that they can repair and use.

Missle Silo2 by Mopy8 on June 5, 2004

Siege Desert Foggy

My first was a bit unbalanced. With 5 defenders you could easy win form 15 attackers. So i made some changes and hopefully its better now. Ill try to put it on the [HoT]Pimp server, for testing.

Its server sided.

And plz report any bugs to me.
Im mostly in irc.
#hottribes2 - qnet.

Thx for downloading.

Sledgehammer by kLUMSY bOT on April 24, 2004

Siege Lush Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Sledgehammer is my 7th and my last map. It was made with the intention that I bring a few new possibilities to siege as my parting gift. This is not an easy map! This may not be the last you see of the dropship...

Anyway: to bugs. I know that bots try to get through ffs. That cant be helped without some very messy bot scripting. Bots forget their tasks easily - nothing can be done either. The vehicles may have some difficulty moving off thier spawn locations - espically bomber and havoc. Just wiggle them around a bit.

No Quarter by Lagg_Alot on March 27, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

Here is a little Siege map that incorporates a few extras that make this a relentless onslaught of incoming hostiles. The Sentry Tower hosts a Spawn and Inventories that if captured by Offense could turn the whole mission into a short order. Defensive Base access is hindered by Entrance as well as Inner Base Force Fields, making it difficult for the attackers to get at the Objective Force Field Generator. The attackers have multiple Deployed MPBs to launch their Siege from all sides. This mission comes with modified Bot support that will not disappoint even the best Tribes 2 players.

Vestige by dr boom on February 14, 2004

Siege Desert Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

"As lava and deadly gases rise slowly over the dying planet, two teams battle over the last vestige of shelter"

I have been promising my wife that this is my last map for T2. I am putting this here so she believes me this time.(Good thing Vengeance is around the corner :)) I have always wanted to make a siege map, so here it is.

The map itself is fairly small.

The forward generator powers all external defenses.

Recovery by Sfphinx on January 28, 2004

Siege Lush Storming

Recovery is on of my better attempts at a siege map. I hope some people like it.

Offense has two bases on the tops of the crater.

Defense has one main base with four generators to protect. One sits opposite of the main base on the other side of the crater. This one is the main forcefield generator. There are three more throughout the base. Once the secondary generator has been destroyed the backdoor opens up. This will allow quick access to the switch once the switch generator has been taken down.

Everything is repairable.

Hope a few people enjoy the map!

Omann Ru by Lagg_Alot on December 13, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Bots

I made this map with the idea that a Siege Game should not be an easy cap. There are three Generators inside the Defensive Base that must be disabled in order to access the Switch. The Bunker on the hill hosts the entrance Force Field Generators that have to be destroyed in order to gain access to the Defense Base. Offensive Base is far from the Objective but the use of Vehicles and MPB Teleporter can prove invaluable to the Attackers. You will notice that some custom scripting has been utilized to improve the playability and to enhance the performance of the AI for those who like Bots.

Shafted by a tiny fishie on December 6, 2003

Siege Snow Clear

This Siege map is unusual in that it requires the offense to repair generators and the defense to go on the attack. The gameplay is split into two phases.

First Phase: The offense needs to capture the underground base. However, the only way down is a tunnel blocked by rocks. The offense must repair their Laser Drill and the Drill Generator (or one of the two solar
panels) in order to activate the drill. The more gens that are up, the faster the drilling progresses.