Kings Run by Golarth on July 23, 2003

Siege Lush Clear Night

The King's Run. Whomever pulls the flag from its stand becomes king of all the land. You must defend your crown at all cost. With attackers coming in fast, you must be faster to get to safe territory. Should the attackers get your crown, all is lost.

You (the defense) control a string of bases near the edge of your lands. The Crown(the flag) starts at the farthest base. It will take a coordinated effort to bring it to your final stronghold, all the while your territory diminishing to the advancing offense. Push back the invading army and restore glory to your King and Crown!

Enigmatic Darkness by Red Shifter on July 23, 2003

Siege Lush Foggy Night

Enigmatic Darkness is a map that focuses on the more strategic side of Siege. You can play it as a pub map, but you must always keep your objectives in mind.


- The more you accomplish, the harder it is for the defense to defend the main base. Keep this in mind.

- The offense must begin by destroying both Forcefield generators. These generators cannot be repaired.

- The offense must then attack the main base.

TVDemo by eforhan on July 22, 2003

Arena Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Defend and Destroy Hunters Other Rabbit Race Siege Single Player Team Hunters Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

For mappers: This demos a modified Forcefield which allows TVs and monitors with up to five frames of animation. /scripts/tvscreen.cs is well documented to help create your own versions. Like FFs, the screens are connected to a generator and thus can be turned off. Included graphics are a Matrix-like one, a dancing girl, and the T2 intro.

I hope this comes in handy to add a little life to your maps!

-Eric aka Traveller2010

The Battle of Hoth by Cyborg_Boba_fet on July 20, 2003

Siege Snow Snowing Client Side Custom Shapes

Well after a long long long delay in getting the spawn graph to work. Go4it go it to finaly go.

So here is what my map is like.

the sheild generators are the ones that the attackers must kill before going into the base and hitting the switch in the upper room.

Some things that i changed since the spawn graphs worked was I put the weapons for the attackers under the AT-AT's because nobody ever spawns in them.

Delirium by PsychoBorg on July 4, 2003

Siege Lush Clear

Back again with another map.

This map, leans more toward outdoor combat by placing the generators in open places and a providing quick way to get to the action.

As the attackers, the map is set up like this:
There are 3 generators, all of which must be down to capture the base.
The first is inside an open tower next to a small defensive bunker, the second is on a platform hanging off the cliff, its height makes it difficult for the offense to get to so the best bet is to take it out with a few mortars.
The last generator is in a bunker near the center of the map.

Vulcans Hammer by Golarth on June 22, 2003

Siege Volcanic Foggy Night

The offense starts out on a floating base on the far side of a smouldering volcano. At its foot lie two defensive bases to the east and west. Beyond is an expansive sea of lava. These bases contain generators that protect the Switch generator, located in the central tower. This tower is situated in the middle of a lava pool, surrounded by a narrow walkway. Once the Switch generator is destroyed, the switch in the lower portion of the tower is exposed for the cap.
There are also two hidden generators, providing power to the tower's inventory stations.

Caligo by Celios on June 10, 2003

Siege Other Raining Night

Caligo is my newest Siege map which I have taken many weeks to prepare. It is set in a dark and rainy environment with a distinctly original mood. A lot of attention has been paid to making everything as perfect gameplay-wise and mood-wise as possible. <P> The Offence starts in a centrally located bunker. From there, they must ski to the West Tower and East Base to take out the Generators there. Both of these generators must be down simultaneously to allow the Offence to cap. Once a Generator goes down, the Defence stops spawning there until that Generator is repaired.

Charred by TheBerk on May 10, 2003

Siege Lush Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

I have been working on Charred for several months now and finally finished it.
It started as just a small idea that grew into a large map with many new ideas.
I added Teleporters to the offense side to get you from the main ship down to the crashed ship below.
You can also teleport to the back cargo bay and open the shield there to get out/in depending on your needs..

Triforce Gathering by Red Shifter on April 28, 2003

Siege Lush Storming

In Triforce Gathering, three generators hold the fragments of the Triforce apart. Your mission is to destroy the three generators and reassemble the Triforce, which will in turn reveal the switch.

However, forcefields protect these generators.

Mountain Siege by ???Unknown??? on April 21, 2003

Siege Other Snowing

This map is an attempt at combining 3 map-types into one:

Vehicle centric - The offense starts out with a V-pad and has to fly to the first D bunker

Skiiable - When the first D bunker goes offline, the first O bunker comes online, and you can ski from there to the next D bunker.

Indoor - When the second D bunker goes offline, you can access and attempt to repair the Final Offensive Generator. When that comes online, it's an indoor battle from there on.

Not including Containment -Large-, which is just a remake of Containment, this is most likely my last map.