Containment -Large- by ???Unknown??? on April 21, 2003

Siege Snow Snowing

A remake of Containment, this version sports changes that will hopefully reduce spam and be better playable with larger teams and/or classic physics.

Changes from Containment are:
-Base is scaled to 125\%
-2 ways out of the offense base even with attic gen online.
-"Elevator" added to the first chute out of the offense base.
-Offense Hall Sentries removed, they hurt their team more than helped.
-Force Field layout changed, there are now more routes through the base and to the Main FF Gen.
-Only the Main FF Gen has to be down to get outside, but you can't cap from there unless all gens are dow

Burried Alive by DSEZKiller on April 16, 2003

Siege Desert Clear

Here is a map I’ve had since last summer. This map is based off the concept by ???Unknown???. The concept was used in the map Containment. This map you start in the basement and move your way to the switch. You will have to move you way threw the base carefully because of the numerous nooks and crannies that cloackers can hide in. I would like to thank the beta testers. You know who you are I don’t remember its been a long time. Hope you all enjoy this --DSEZ

Oblivious by Jambon on April 13, 2003

Siege Volcanic Clear

It's finally done.

Oblivious uses a relatively unique concept- a randomly placed switch with no waypoint. The offense only has a vague hint- the locations of the two bases. Both are blocked off with forcefields to buy the defense some time.

THIS MAP CONTAINS THE MAP SUPPORT PACK. Read the readme file for more info and credits. Thanks to Dr. Pimento, Red Shifter, and Nutcracker for script help.

Final Revenge by The Reticent on April 10, 2003

Siege Lush Foggy

When I saw the Scarabrae base the first time I thought, this must be in a siege map. So I started mapping and made my Final Revenge :-)

There are 11 gens waiting for the offense. This my be a bit confusing at the beginning, but it is a simple map.

O starts on a ground base with two Vpads. Each pad offers 15 shrikes and the usual amount of havocs and bombers. The D base is up in the sky, so vehicles are needed to get there.

The first important target is the not repairable Base Generator, located near the D Vpad. If it gets destroyed, O will spawn at the enemy base.

Turbide by Celios on February 24, 2003

Siege Badlands Raining

The attackers spawn at the top of a large and tremendously skiiable hill. They must ski down to the first base and take out the Primary Generator to disable the FFs protecting the North and South Generators. The Primary Generator is rather easy to kill and should be down most of the time.

Disabling the North and South Generators will then allow you to mount an attack on the Main Base as well as disable all the equipment in the first base.

Ipsus by PsychoBorg on February 15, 2003

Siege Snow Foggy Night

A very simple siege map, so simple its almost despicable. :)

The attackers start behind a hill and must descend to the valley to attack the defenders' base.

There are two generators for them to take care of.

The first is the Main Generator, it powers the forcefields over the entrances to the switch base.

Second is the Backup Generator which powers the ffs inside the switch base.

There is a double ff over the switch, one powered by the Main gen and the other powered by the Backup gen.

This map is engineered to go fairly quick, Have fun!

Axis of Power by Red Five on February 11, 2003

Siege Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes

After whining in the forums about other maps for countless months, I've decided that it's finally time to release one of my own. So here you guys go. It's a standard Siege map, nothing special.

Like some other Siege maps, the offense is fragmented and spawns at multiple bases. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, for while the attackers will have a harder time coodinating rushes, the defense will have to contend with being attacked from all directions simultaneously.

Cobalt by Azenn on February 8, 2003

Siege Snow Snowing Night

My first map

The offense starts a good distance away from the defending base, but has havoc transports and shrikes to make up for this.

The offense must first destroy the forcefield generator. The forcefields around the main base go down, leaving the base open for assault on the North and South generators. Once these are down, the switch, which is on top of a hill, must be captured

Forward Caldera by Celios on February 1, 2003

Siege Volcanic Clear

This map was made to be a playable version of Caldera that would be used in pub servers. It is by no means meant to be a new map, it is simply an overhaul of the original Caldera.

Changes include:
-A Forward Offensive Base is activated as soon as the Equipment Generator is destroyed for the first time. Simultaneously, several defensive assets (2 Sentry Turrets in the hallways and 2 Inventory Stations in the Equip Gen room) are also activated.
-At this point the combat is interior oriented.

These changes have impacted the gameplay tremendously.

Misery Mire by Red Shifter on January 25, 2003

Siege Volcanic Clear

Misery Mire is an epic Siege map that requires both teams to work together to accomplish their objectives. Note that a download of the Dynamix Final Map Pack is required for this map to work.

Phase 1: The offense must destroy the Neriad Generator. Once this generator is destroyed, it is unrepairable. The defense will most likely be unable to defend this generator, and should get ready for phase 2.

Phase 2: The offense must take down both the Central Generator and the Central Solar Panel. While both generators are down, the offense must destroy the Triton Generator.