Cold War by ???Unknown??? on December 11, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing

The bunker FF gens power the entrance FFs for the 3 bunkers.They are unrepairable.

The Bunker Generators, which are also unrepairable, power the FFs guarding the 2 Main base generators. As each bunker goes offline, so does it's respective spawsphere.

The Offense has a Remote Offensive Tower with it's own spawnsphere that can be brought online. It will also come online automatically when all 3 Defense bunkers go offline.

The 2 Main Base Gens power the FF guarding the switch. They are repairable.

There is also a special ice I made for this map.

Mutiny by ???Unknown??? on December 11, 2002

Siege Volcanic Clear

The Offense is a band of Mutineers who have taken over the Cargo Holds and have hacked into the Backup Gen from there.

The Defense has activated the Emergency Containment Force Fields and sealed off the Control Bridge.

The Offense must first destroy the Emergency Containment FF Gen to gain access to the Control Bridge, where they then attack the Ship Control Gen.

The Offense must keep the Ship Contol Gen offline for 30 seconds in order for the hacked Backup Gen to come online so they can gain control of the ship.

Once the Offense has control of the ship they attack the Main Base from there

Uphill Battle by ???Unknown??? on December 11, 2002

Siege Desert Foggy

The Offense must fight their way up a fortified mountain to reach the base at the top.

There are 3 bunkers along the way that must be taken out in order. As each bunker generator gets destroyed, the offense takes over that bunker and spawns there, until the next bunker is taken down, then they spawn there.

This map is pretty small, with the offense never far from the defense, so it can be pretty intense and/or "spammy". Then again, all my maps tend to be spammy...

Convoy -Nuclear Edition- by alingis on December 8, 2002

Siege Lush Clear Night

Convoy is a vehicle-centric, team-oriented mission. Both offense and defense have objectives: Offense- Kill all enemy MPB's (each one acts as a generator) to expose the switch. Defense- Either protect the MPB's for the full time of the match or drive at least one of them to the stonghold at Neothgard. Oh, and don't drive out of bounds, or the MPB will start taking damage.

MPB's are the most difficult object in the game to kill.

Pyramid by TheBerk on December 7, 2002

Siege Desert Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

My first seige map.. : )
This spent some time in beta and is on the pond.. I redid the textures and got it down in size.. so this is completely seprate from my other maps.. this is a stand alone map.. : )
same thing for the textures and palms.. : )
hope it plays ok..
It may be awhile for a new map so I decided to post these while I work on the rest.. : )

Atropos The Return by silvers_revenge on November 17, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Bots Night

One year after the fall of Atropos we decided to return. Should we be attacked again our attackers will find us ready.

Two Generators in the mountain base power the protective shields that block access to the main base. The mountain base also houses the defense generator that powers all map turrets for the defense. The Equipment generator controls all sensors and inventories as well as the main base lighting.

Golghari by Morgoth_Bauglir on November 11, 2002

Siege Snow Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

The main goal is to conquer the enemy headquater, located on an island off the shore.
The attackers must destroy the forcefield generator located in the golgari base. The capturable objectives around the map give both attackers and defenders tactical options.
Read the included .txt for detailed information on power supply and objectives.

Esotericisms by Sfphinx on November 5, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing

Well after much debate on whether or not to release this map on its own. I have decided to do so.

Unlike my other maps, this one is Siege. However it is not like most siege maps because of its unique placement of the defenders main base forcefield generator. Also because of the location of the two bases it allows for great duels to occur in the middle of the map. The terrain allows for easy skiing of all three types of armor.

The attackers have a vehicle pad and one base. The base is protected by forcefields which cannot be taken down.

Treachery by CobraINC on October 18, 2002

Siege Other Storming Client Side

This is the map that Heresy was meant to be, Take a look, do some play testing, and if you like it, or hate it let me hear some feed back.

--- The Defensive base is protected by FF's, most of which are powered by the Center generator, the Switch is protected on three sides by Forcefields.

SlagPot by CobraINC on October 15, 2002

Siege Volcanic Clear Client Side

SlagPot is a sea of Lava known for it's violent waves and most importantly, the wealth of raw power buried beneath the lava pit. The volitile lake has now come under conflict as the base comes under Siege... The defenders must seal themselves in their base and with everything they have resist the coming onslaught.
--- The Defensive base is set up in five sections. Destroying each section's generator will allow more and more access to the base, Section 5 Generator housing the Switch itself, deep in the heart of the base.