VileSeas by CobraINC on October 15, 2002

Siege Other Foggy Client Side

Vile Seas ... The overlooking base Has a problem. The once enslaved base below has gone Renegade, and now they have little choice but to retake the base or lose this disgusting, but strategically invaluable position over the VileSeas---
---Only the Switch Generator must be taken down to reveal the switch, destroying the Main FF Generator and the Auxillary Generator will make access to both renegade bases much easier, and destroying the Main Base Generators will leave the Renegades powerless. There are no known gameplay bugs

CastleRisk by Ensign Munro on October 5, 2002

Siege Lush Storming

Ok, here it is. My first siege map i have made, besides Starport(made only for The Pond). Fishie has yet to review that map. So, in the meantime, i decided to make another siege map. I took an old game called Castle Risk and made it into a map. I did ponder if i should make it a double map type and add CTF, but i decided not to(sad right?)

I am going to start making deathmatch and rabbit games(only cuz they are easier to make, cuz im lazy, lol). The objective is to take down the gate, base, and switch generators. The equipment generator powers all the turrets, stations, etc.

Consuming Fire by SkaMaster on September 25, 2002

Siege Volcanic Clear Night

"Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a Consuming Fire." - Hebrews 12:28-29

This is my first completed attempt at a map worth mentioning. (I had a map that helped me learn the editor way back when) It took me a while to complete because of various reasons, but here it is, a finished product.

The attackers start out at an open base, and must either attack the Forcefield Base or the Main Base.

Austere5 by silvers_revenge on September 16, 2002

Siege Volcanic Storming Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

The clap of thunder and a flash of lightening, for those of us from the lush
worlds this is a sign of the rains to come. On Austere5 this is not the
case, the hollow promise brought by the thunder occurs daily and is only a
promise of flesh searing hot winds, flying bits of charred earth, waves of
molten lava, and thoughts on a rain that will never come.

I arrived on Austere5 three weeks ago and upon landing wondered why we would
wish to take such a place, now I simply wonder why anyone would wish to keep

Heresy by CobraINC on September 14, 2002

Siege Lush Foggy Client Side

The Day of heretics is at hand, a civil war between two once loyal factions will result in one teams total dominance. The Offense is within fast striking range and the Defense must be quick about their defense. The layout of Friendly and Hostile turrets encourages player control to assure domination. Offensive bases can be minorly disabled (tho no more than a minor setback). The Defensive base consists of an above ground base and a sub-terranean base.

Neutral Zone by Bazz on September 13, 2002

Siege Desert Clear

Both teams can use the neutral stations.

Attackers must destroy two neutral base forcefield gens to gain a new spawn point and then get the last gens and switch

gens not repairable

no base rape.

dragorlad by DIABLO WARRIOR on September 9, 2002

Siege Lush Storming

excelent map. there is very much objects, about 450. one team have starbase, secret tunnels, etc. another have very well defended base.

Gauntlet_Revisited by silvers_revenge on September 8, 2002

Siege Desert Clear

This is a remake of the original Gauntlet, two bunkers have been added that control new Forcefields. The back door cap is still possible without generator destruction but the difficultly of it increased as one chute entrance is blocked and the main passage to the switch block by FF. The idea here was to keep the map feeling like Gauntlet while adding objectives to encourage teamplay.

Project Alpha Triple X High Fps by DSEZKiller on September 7, 2002

Siege Lush Clear

Project Alpha is a map pack for Siege. It contains within it six maps that have been rescripted to run "Adaptive Siege". Adaptive Siege is a simple concept that guarantees a capture for the offense, and here's how it works:
- The offense gains strength over time, and their weaponry is stronger. - The defense loses strength over time, and their weapon is weakened. - The repair pack repairs equipment more slowly over time. The repair pack says how powerful it is as you select it.

Triple X High Fps by DSEZKiller on September 7, 2002

Siege Lush Clear

Hey guys im back. Im tired of the whining about Fps in this map. But here it is. I took out all the cool Eye Candy.Better fps have fun and enjoy