Schism by paint_it_black on September 6, 2002

Capture the Flag Siege Lush Clear Night

First off, this map may not be absolutely finished as I have been unable to get feedback. Therefore I'd be grateful to receive feedback, advice, bug notifications and so forth.

Some key things I should point out about this map. (Points which should hopefully make it stand out):-

- Your base is waypointed in RED, the enemy base is waypointed in GREEN.

Snowscape by The Man on September 5, 2002

Siege Snow Clear

This is the 4th map I've made, but the 2nd one I've realeased. I used the Icebound.ter file, but you won't notice.

The attackers must first take out the 2 solar panels that power a FF blocking the entrance into the base. After you gain access you must destroy 3 gens to cap, the Sigma, Omicron, and Lambda gens. The Basement gen powers 2 FFs, one on the roof, and one blocking the quick entrance to the basement. The Equipment gen isn't waypointed, it powers the turrets, stations, and sensors.

Happy hunting, (if you find any bugs that I happened to miss, just comment below and I'll fix 'em)

Triad by PsychoBorg on August 31, 2002

Siege Lush Raining Night

Bin a while since my last release This will be my second Siege map. I tried much for originality in this map by using a main base that hasnt been used in Siege yet. This map is a camper's dream but if you like being a juggy there's plenty of things to lay siege to before you go in for a gen kill. Offense: Teamwork is a must here since the objectives are nice and spread out. In a step by step fashion, your strategy is this; You spawn in your base, get a vehicle from the pad and fly over to the Outpost ForceField Generator.

Armadillo by The Man on August 31, 2002

Siege Lush Clear

I always liked the Alcatraz base, but I didn't like how it played in Siege with 2 different openings. So I blocked one of them off and put the Control Switch there.

There are a total of four geerators. The Entrance Gen is irrepairable and must be down to gain access to the base. The Main FF Gen powers 3 FFs, 2 in the main room and 1 guarding the Switch Gen. Then the Switch Gen powers a FF blocking the Switch. The Supply Gen isn't an important asset to win, it just powers most of the turrets, sensors, and stations.

Happy hunting.

Rig Attack by EEPROM on August 24, 2002

Siege Other Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

This is a simple Siege map, more like a teaser for what will be coming here real soon (HINT: next map name will be Deathmoon Rising). There will be an interior in this next map that will be just as big as the main base in Compromise Line, maybe bigger.

Map Description:
This fight takes place on an all water planet with a solid rock core with high traces of a rare mineral used for powering large star ships. The defenders are loading up a cargo ship with this rare mineral on a Supply Depot Rig.

Mortar Hurricane by Cypher19 on August 23, 2002

Siege Lush Clear Client Side

My first map, Mortar Hurricane, I designed to fix many things I didn't like in other seige maps, such as too much emphasis on indoor combat resulting in 'twitch' battles, or dawdling around too much searching for an inv. Also, the Offense isn't slowed down. They have 8 invs all in basically one spot, and getting to the enemy base is very fast with a large emphasis on skiing.

The offense starts on a high rectangular plateau, leading down with large hills on four sides, North, South, East and West.

To the North is the control switch, which is housed behind two no-go blue forcefields.

Turret-o-rama by Sun Quan on August 21, 2002

Siege Volcanic Foggy

My first siege map, i over did it a little so it will take over 8 people to beat considering there over 40 turrets and 4 gens but the attackers get vehicles and this map would be great for clan practice. :)

Mirage by Alundra on August 21, 2002

Siege Desert Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

After a long time of stalling and working I finnally decide to release another map. Of course this is a siege map too. But don't worry a arena Mirage, and hell maybe a SLDM Mirage will come out soon.

As far as base layout goes, there is 2 diferent bases for the defenders. One is the Wall base and the other is the Main Base. The wall base two platues with a wall/bridge type to connect two towers together. In the towers are inventory stations for the attackers and defenders. Once the wall gens are destroyed then the inventorys for the attackers become availible.