ArrowsPass by =/\CE= on November 5, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Client Side

A nice terrain with a deadly twist.The lightning here will strike you and your foward turrets and the solarpanel thats between them.Making this map was fun..right when i was about to save..BAM!! lightning destroyed my solarpanel a couple if ya gens are down and then that goes..well wich it will off and on through the game..lets just say the lightning will keep ya on ya toes.Have fun!!These pics are the early ones but not really changed.

Claustrophobia by RiverStyx on November 4, 2001

Arena Other Storming Client Side

The weapon facility, code-named Iron Fist, is the main munitions factory for the enemy. It is a tight corridored compound, with not much room for a battle. There are some reports of factory workers become claustrophobic.

Utopia by Mais on November 2, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming

A planet once bright and sunny, now flooded with water and pouring down rain. Large mission area for teamwork, and middle objective for extra vehicles and assets.

The Darkness Ch1 by D.N.A. on October 25, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Bots Night

Years of leaders have come and gone, and battles
after battles, the beliefs and religions became hollow and forsaken. The people were
blinded by deaths ways and drowned by hells blood. And soon vengeance was among them.
Vengeance on their souls. The Dead have risen and call out in anger. They weep, they scream
and cry. The pain is unbearable the sounds...deafening, and there is no escape from THIS
fate. The gods are angry indeed! People stand around in fear watching their friends and
enemies drop dead like flies. Their souls ripped from their bodies, they lay now only as a
shell of armour.

ThunderArena by FlyingElmo on October 19, 2001

Arena Other Storming

Alphea-A virtually deserted planet inhabited for the sole purpose of scientific expermentation.
Tribal Scientists have created a machine with incredible destructive potential: it allows for the controlling of lightning. The machine will surely turn the tide of war for whomever steals it. One problem however: the machine has gone haywire.

Ok, see the pic on the far right. That is one the one I will be referring to. Let me explain how this map works. The DangerZone is the reddish area where you'll have a 25\% chance of being hit by lightning.

Slip by Shun on October 10, 2001

Capture the Flag Snow Storming Client Side Custom Shapes

It is MAP of the 2nd cartridge.
The portion which failed in front HotCastle was made carefully.
The characteristic portion of this map is the place which put Flag on the portion into which the ground was deleted and the hole opened.

Frenetic by Gonk on October 8, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Night

This is what's left of Shikl'ack IV, once a jewel in the crown of Blood Eagle worlds. Now it's a world covered completely by water. The Horde managed to melt the polar caps, ensuring that if they couldn't have the planet no one could. Despite this setback, we've managed to set up a naval mining operation on Shikl'ack IV.
Comprised of hundreds of small drilling platforms, this operation is now vital to our campaign against the Horde in this sector. Recent scans have indicated an unknown landing craft both entering and leaving the area of one of our drilling platforms.

Anomarena by FlyingElmo on October 3, 2001

Arena Badlands Storming Night

Years of traditional thinking lead to an inevitable nuclear war between two rogue states...ultimately destroying the world as it was once know.

The apocalypse is now. Everything representing order was burned with the rest of the world.

The few survivers live on rigs in the middle of earth wasting away...turned into virtual quicksand by the weapons used for "defensive" purposes. They live their miserable lives from the rigs, only venturing off when hunger calls.

Black Storm by D.N.A. on September 28, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Bots Night

D.N.A. here with another fun map!
We hope anyway. Bases are small
and well defended. Bases are just over 1000 apart. Vehicles are fly only and the terrain is not to even...not bad either. We used the "storm maker" from the new Dynamixs maps. Not a must download....but you will need to
have it in order see the rain and clouds come rolling in. But besides that anyone can jion with no worries. Till next time be cool!

!!!WARNING!!! D.N.A.are highly drunken, arrogant, sarcastic, paranoid schizophrenics.