Underground Castles I - Update by Kalendrinn on June 10, 2004

Capture the Flag Deathmatch Lush Foggy

This is my first map. Some hills, some flat terrain. Uses the Equinox terrain file. Three objectives, two towers and an underground base. Bases are underground including vehicle bays. Bases and vehicle bays are connected via teleporters. Also, there is an underground tunnel system with multiple entrances and an underground "play room". Have fun with it. I hope you like it.

Bloody Chaos by Red Shifter on June 9, 2004

Capture and Hold Lush Clear

From the genius that brought you tiles you can shatter and forcefields that power up when you touch a flag; from the insane inventor of Blaster Deathmatch who is known as the l33test blaster master of all time; from the Red Shifter comes a new map.

Bloody Chaos is a Capture and Hold map. As you know, your goal is to touch the four switches and hold them for as long as humanly possible.

Each base has protected inventory stations, two turrets, and a vehicle pad. Each team has immediate access to Wildcat Grav Cycles, Beowulf Tanks, and Havoc Heavy Transports.

Helion by Cinderkarst on June 6, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

Helion is built on probably one of the oldest concepts in T2: Make the capper's life miserable. The area around the flagstand does just that. Dense water under the stand leaves them floating while the defense spanks them and the ELF turrets saps their life. And forget about taking those turrets out for any extended period of time, as there's a repair pack sitting right there.

Missle Silo2 by Mopy8 on June 5, 2004

Siege Desert Foggy

My first was a bit unbalanced. With 5 defenders you could easy win form 15 attackers. So i made some changes and hopefully its better now. Ill try to put it on the [HoT]Pimp server, for testing.

Its server sided.

And plz report any bugs to me.
Im mostly in irc.
#hottribes2 - qnet.

Thx for downloading.

Flatland Firestorm by =SA=BlackFenix on June 3, 2004

Other Volcanic Clear Client Side

Made For =Soul Assassins= (=SA=) Tribe

Includes Vehicle Pad And Inventory Stations

You Build On (Or In) Lava.

I Tested This Map Online With About 2-3 People


I Thought It Was Time For A New Breed O Construction Maps I WAs Sick Of The Construction Maps That Were A Modded Flatland With Just Some Different Textures And Some Random Interiors *Cough* Weazels World/Flatland Tunnel *Cough*

Edit Out What You Don't Like. (Waves, Lightning ,Water Level

River Styx by Cinderkarst on May 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes Night

River Styx is, essentially, a remake of |HV|_Tex's "A River Runs Through It". Many balance issues were recognized when this saw play in the Blood Eagle Mini League, and this map seeks to correct them while being unique in its own right. The premise of the map (dead warriors fighting it out in Purgatory) has probably been done before, but I can guarantee in not as bombastic (or screwed up, depending on who you ask) a fashion.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of, uh, "wholesome" activities going on in the mission.

A big thanks to Mercen4ry for the idea of the screaming souls. :D

Hymn of Morning by Cinderkarst on May 28, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

Hymn of Morning is a collaborative work between myself and Evil Napkin. He started making this map (which was at the time called "Morning"), then quit halfway. Not being able to see a perfectly good terrain go to waste, I adapted the terrain and put the crown jewel of a map I was developing (called "Hymn of Silence") in the middle of it. Thus, Hymn of Morning was born.

The gameplay is fast and fun, with plenty of things to do and stuff to see.

Gunship Fun by a_monkey on May 27, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy

A few months ago, at the hvrev forums at, i suggested that a giant lava map with only transports available for creation should be made in order to teach the long forgotten art of cooperation. and noone made it... so i decided to give it a try.

basically, there are 2 platforms about 2200m away from each other, separated by a large expanse of lava. there are small spires of rock here and there, but not enough to get to the other side by jetpack (or in revmod2, boosting).