Agorazscium by Spartan119 on October 16, 2005

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy

Flags are atop pyramids which have a plasma turret and a sensor.

Base Generators are located in the top half of the base building w/inventories while the lower has Inventories as well as a deployable inventory in the mid section..

VPads are out in the open with a little cover from an AA turret placed on the Main base building..

Flags around 1000m apart

about 400m from each bas is a small ruin useable for sniper cover or a small deployed base..

Objectives are bridged to the middle hill, each having a Turret or two as well as inventories..

Pretty desolate, not a whole lot of plant life or anything like that..

Vehicle count is the standard.


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by Orgetorix on December 24, 2005 · Rating:

I just looked at that map and I like it. Just a couple of little problems, a few invo's placed a little to far into the floor, but they still work so thats alright. Both bases on the back corners closest to the V-Pad there is a liitle space between the base and the terrain thats OK also as you can't get under the base, 1 flag pyramid is sunk a little lower in the terrain than the other so there is more space for deployables and cloakers, but that's nothing to really worry about. On the whole it's a very good map. Hopefully within the next week it'll be running on Elite Warriors Public Server.