Avalon by TheBerk on February 3, 2003

Capture and Hold Other Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well finally got my CnH map out.. : )
hope its fun..
I threw bots in but they dont seem to care for objectives or the teleporters.. oh well maybe a good bot man could spice them up for me.. : )
I have been putting this map off for awhile as I am working on a full game version of Egyptia...
Its proving to be fun and rewarding but after a month I am burned out so back to the old stand in.. : )
Avalon is fun if you learn the routes.. : ) Its not too hard the teleporters are fairly easy to get too.. but the hardest part is getting the turtles out.. : )
The neatherworld and Heaven both have 2 entry points and hopefully if you keep pressure on the other team you can get the most objectives..
Like I said its my first Cnh.. : )
At least the temple is fairly wide open.. but it too has its defenses.. 2 turrets.. : )
all in all alot of fun to play and too make.. : )
Makes me already plan on my next endevour.. : )
I am pulling out a whole new texture set for the next map... and I am making alot of new dts shapes.. : )
so hope to have a good if not better map out soon.. : )


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by TheBerk on February 3, 2003 · Rating:

Oh man... I totally forgot.. : )
Thanks to sparky for the teleporter code.. : ) woot.. : )
thanks to dox, who let me use his shapes.. : )
thanks to the guy who made the egypt textures.. : )
hmmm who else..
oh yeah,
Cleverclothe, Red Five, Pschoborg, Jugger D, etc, etc,,, : )

And of course to EEPROM... his maps rock... T2 rules.. woot

by TheBerk on February 7, 2003 · Rating:

Thanks.. : )
I am learning the new editor as far as terrain painting.. : )
My next CnH will be alot better.. : )

by v5planet on February 7, 2003 · Rating:

I absolutely love this!
Always been a fan of CnH, nice to see some CS mapping support for it.
My only complaint is that the terrain textures and grayish fog create a sort of bleak aesthetic, but the layout of the map and the custom objects and the atmosphere as a whole are well executed. Good work, man.

by vXKitiaraXv on February 8, 2003 · Rating:

AWSOME JOB BERK!!! wow, i love this map. its so detailed. the only complaint i have is that there are no waypoints...you have to scour the bases to find the objectives. but that just minor...i guess :D
anyway great job and as always. i cant wait till your next map :D

by Uncle Bob on February 9, 2003 · Rating:

Yep darn good map Berk! I tried to E-mail you but something is wrong...wanted to ask you if I can use thoughs trees in your maps. Would work great with map me a TribalMa5ter are working on. And let me know who made them to unless you did...=}~

I have fallen into my darker side.

by TheBerk on February 10, 2003 · Rating:

I used them from the same pack I got the palms from.. Dox is the name on the pack so I am assuming they are his.. : )
Just be sure to credit him and I doubt he would mind..

by paint_it_black on February 16, 2003 · Rating:


I couldn't even begin to talk about the attention to detail.

by Dr. Pimento on February 18, 2003 · Rating:

Very, very nice.. I wrote a review on this, too. My only points would be atmosphere and waypoints.. but I absolutely love the "three levels" that you set up.. it's.. "wow". Yeah... ;)

by TheBerk on February 18, 2003 · Rating:

Thanks dr p.. : )
I was wondering why I wasnt #2 anymore.. LOL
J/K hey think I should do another 3 level map?
I am trying to come up with new ideas.. hopefully after Charred my next one will be an arena type.. : ) a big huge building for fighting. or dueling.. : )
anyways glad to hear my maps are being enjoyed.. after Charred I will return to base textures..(maybe) which will reduce the size of the downloads.. : ) maybe get more people to play them that way.. : )

by Lonehobgoblin on February 18, 2003 · Rating:

Great Map!!! One of the best! Hope to see more maps from you!
Hint: How about a stargate kinda theme? I have a great pic for you to go by!