Desert Chaos by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003

Arena Desert Foggy Bots

This is another one of my Arena Maps. I based this one on a game that would be balanced, but not letting either side have a disadvantage/advantage. There is much room to move around, and places to jump up to. This map puts up some pretty fun competition, and the but support works very well. It's has a slightly green haze, but nothing to stop your sight. Once again, I hope you all have fun with this one. More to come!


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by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003 · Rating:


*Base this on a game that *wouldn't* be balanced* I can never type a description without messing up somehow...

by XeroShift on June 30, 2003 · Rating:

Looks like a pretty cool map, like the sky. I hope it gets on one of the big servers or something so i could try it out. your a good mapper drumstix.

by Entegrity on February 4, 2004 · Rating:

DrumStix42 is a very good arena map maker. His 3 maps I just tried are unknown to the community and I'm going to help push them on the arena servers and see how people like them. To me these unknown/unplayed maps give the game life again. Thank you DrumStix!