Flatland Valley 2 by Cheesed-Off on November 29, 2003

Other Lush Clear Client Side

This map was made since I need more practice with the editor I have other maps check them out this map has one bace and a bridge no water is im the map but it has a large valley to build at the bottom of it very nicely done with curves I will be hosting it in my server as well and plese look into the mods con and crazy con


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by Cheesed-Off on November 29, 2003 · Rating:

hi I know I am the maker of the map and i am submiting to my own map but
I wanted to tell everyone that I actually like when people make susgestions on the page for my maps helps me make the next one better I take you advice so put in susgestions

by kLUMSY bOT on December 1, 2003 · Rating:

give the vehicle pad a thingy to sit on. dont stretch stuff too much. (i rekcon you'd also like to make custom interiors - you seem like a client side mapper)

by Riavan on December 7, 2003 · Rating:

no, i disagree, stretching somethings isnt good. Check out a few of klumsy or if you want to waste your bandwidth a few of berks. They're both real clientside mappers. I dont believe maps with just custom terrains/textures should be classifyed in the same catagory. Most of them seem to be made by people that dont even know how to make serverside maps.