Forest Valley by kLUMSY bOT on October 20, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Shapes

Forest Valley is the 5th map I've created. Gained loads of experience in interiors making Arid, and this map is a revitalisation of my first map, ForestValley - which was too poor to release! The map has some tightly defended bases, 2 km apart on a densely wooded valley, across a long expanse of water.

To boost FPS, I made the fog fairly strong on the map. this makes stealth the key in this mission, and suprise attacks a good idea. Actually, I changed the sky and fog, so it will look different to the screenshots.

The building's design is a request by my friend Daem0hn, although I did take some poetic licence. (Sorry Nefilim for using your flag base!) the bridge presents problems for the bots, who love BASE jumping, but will kill each other quickly. DONT RECOMPILE THE NAV GRAPH!

*Its just not the same! To download the map the way it was ment to be played; with a teamname and skin scripts, and cool music, visit my website (link above, the .vl2 is included). More cool things are also available at my website, like a cool shrike blaster with splash damage...


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by kLUMSY bOT on October 20, 2003 · Rating:

Again my screenshots look like they've been through a blender - and now i figured out why. They were exported as .pngs, converted to .gifs for my website, and then converted to .jpgs Please dont judge my maps by thier screenshots.

by Riavan on October 21, 2003 · Rating:

Download Fireworks MX trial.. Its what I use to do basically all my net-picture needs. Ill download ur map and give it a bit of a review

by Riavan on October 21, 2003 · Rating:

Interiors are great! the flag needs a somewhat better placement. The bases are pretty cool, and I love the water with the dead bodies floating in it. The bases and the bridges are ok, but other than that theres just a few trees and some grass. The map itself is vehicle sentric, as the land is surprisingly flat, Its still skiable, your just not going warp speed. I didnt notice much fog... but thats just me, Nice map, cant wait to see even better interiors =D


by kLUMSY bOT on October 21, 2003 · Rating:

Thanks Raiven! woot! it feels good to get nice words from a good mapper! :) However, i personally think that the bases wern't that good, and there definately could be more trees. (the dead body skins are part of a tiny script) I guess the flag could also be put in the sniper nest above the vehicle bay.

by kLUMSY bOT on October 22, 2003 · Rating:

well, i've actually made a few maps recently, and have started uploading them to cos i just got adsl. I'm releasing them slowly, so they dont compete with each other. My next map is called Lava Pits (a minor adjustment to a interior is being made). On the drawing board is an underground siege map with tunnels for tanks to drive through for defence and a flying mothership with spawning shrikes and transports for offence...

by Daem0hn on October 26, 2003 · Rating:

This is my favorite of kLUMSY bOT's maps
it is annoying how the bots base jump on the bridge, however, playing with people is great fun

if you play with kLUMSY bOT's scripts it is great fun to plant an MPB close to the enemy's flag base and rape them =P

i also like the building design, all the archways and holes have been designed for shrike flying (if you are skillful you can fly a shrike through the sniper nest and out the back of the base.

getting close to the base is a difficulty, however if you manage to penetrate the defences it is a player vs player battle - which is always fun.

the interiors are designed with crates for hiding increasing the damage that can be done by a skillfull assasin

very good map and keep making these cool buildings

by kLUMSY bOT on October 26, 2003 · Rating:

dagnammit daem0hn, i made the interiors really for you! you did the concept design of them, i just made the buildings (and the terrain) and whacked them together! N e way, this map is made for and dedicated to u.