KatabaticSpring by Wichita on April 2, 2005

Capture the Flag Other Snowing Bots

A freak slushy thaw in the form of a solar anomaly has revealed underlying rock and sand on the perenial favorite map Katabatic.
Though the planet is quickly refreezing Starwolf has taken advantage of the mild weather to build a map center wall and monument and added a nice flagcap complicating plank to their main base.
Not be outdone the Bloodeagle have installed this same architecture over their flag and make continual strenuous efforts to bleed while soaring like eagles....errr they try and capture the monument wall.
For whoever holds map central and keeps the wall gen up adds a little spring to their flag cappers step!
Both teams have also constructed generator bunkers on their vpads which power heavy armor denying forcefields over the basement gen room doorway.
This Katabatic works with bots, and players spawn correctly(unlike "katabatic Fortified") as I have actually included the necessary files in a fully tested vl2.
Players should also enjoy the evironment mapping and bodies of water included to make the map a little more interesting.


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by Wichita on April 2, 2005 · Rating:

Are we all having the same problem with vl2s being saved as zips when downloaded. You can simply the file extension to .vl2 before or after the download.

by Wichita on April 4, 2005 · Rating:

I was hoping to get this map picked up by some of the Katabatic servers to add a little variety with the same map.
Can anyone help me with this?