Mini Minotaur by punk_rock_fan on September 2, 2003

Deathmatch Badlands Clear Bots Client Side

A modification to the Capture the Flag map Minotaur, to make it Deathmatch compatible. I reduced the terrain size and added some useful items in the terrain. I made this map because most of the servers use a maximum of 10-14 players, and this map fits well for that amount. Although this map needs to be downloaded to play, it HAS BOT SUPPORT.


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by Red Shifter on September 4, 2003 · Rating:

Like he said, the indoor part is the main point of Minotaur. What you have here should not be associated with the map itself.

Red Shifter - The Legendary Cynic of Siege

by punk_rock_fan on September 5, 2003 · Rating:

Well, actually, this map has no resemblance to the map Minotaur, but the terrain. Maybe I could've called the map another name to make you think it's not an indoor deathmatch. I named it Mini Minotaur because I removed that building and made the mission area smaller. Thanks for your comments guys!

by Master_01 on September 24, 2003 · Rating:

i would like to see a larger minotaur with more underground routes with higher levels and dark hidden places like little vents to walk in. thats something i would love to play. it would be on the -(FS)- servers for sure.