Starwolf Homeworld by _Tex on April 5, 2002

Race Snow Snowing Night

Here on the Starwolf Homeworld of Ymir, Tribesmen are
free to do as they wish without fear of war. Raceways
were built so that off duty warriors could play and
practice their vehicle handling abilities. When a
tribesman is home, it's all about having a good time
and relaxing. The race courses start at the arches
with the green smoke.


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by CleverClothe on April 5, 2002 · Rating:

So why are the raceways built by the Diamond Sword? Could the Star Wolf not build quality raceways on their own homeworld? :confused: :)

by Iczer3 on April 5, 2002 · Rating:

Hahahahahaha!!! I love that 4th screenshot! But i am confused as well, didn't the Bioderm take over Ymir? Maybe the Starwolf drove them back after such a long time. That or they made this raceway before the derm invasion... :p

by Iczer3 on April 7, 2002 · Rating:

Jeeeeeeez, that female (A.E. was it?) gets annoying when you get nearby her... Continuously shouting "HELP! HELP! HELP!" why doesn't she ever get muted like others who spam chat? :) The entire map is a good raceway from start to finish, with both ground and air tracks. An odd point is this though: why are there turrets? In races you don't have a team and everything is neutral, so the turrets are there for? The Gateway to the Abyss (was that the name of it?) sort of threw me off track, and i'm not so sure why you put it in the map (maybe a gathering point/scenic underlook?). The grave has some oddball features as well. If you park your wildcat on top of the stones surrounding the grave, it begins to move on its own trying to get off. I have seen it do some wacky things like nose-stands and almost a backflip. One final note/challenge to anyone who wishes to try it: if you can HONESTLY get an MPB completely around the air track in a base game (that's right, no mods or scripts or anything of the sort) you deserve one heck of a pat on the back. Yes it's probably impossible, but why dwell on the negative?

by Amorrer on April 7, 2002 · Rating:

at least a B+ if not more don't pay attention to the story of the game or the type of buildings you use, the map is very cool, i think that those two are having a hard time accepting the idea that they couldnt remind of making a map like this , ideas count, not perfection this is not a contest, see you around!!!

by _Tex on April 10, 2002 · Rating:

LOL ok some explantions are in order.
AG is/WAS a member for our tribe who was notorious for chat spamming and famous for impacting. AG = Attorney General. Fat Tony, one of my fellow admins on Houston Vehicles disappeared from the game... so I built him a grave on the map. I used the Diamond Sword track in the sky course for one simple reason, more track pieces to work with than any other, and they look as if they were designed for racing. There are turrets, just because I wanted the map to look like it was actually an outpost. If you play the learning (single person) part of the game, you'll see that a starwolf reclaims an out post on Ymir, if they have the one, they surely have others. OK, I've done all I can. :-p

by CleverClothe on May 8, 2002 · Rating:

I would like to point out that I was 1) Asking an inocent question and 2) JOKING!!!!... Some people just don't have a sense of humor... or humour... if thats your thing.

by Tin decoy on June 21, 2002 · Rating:

This was a great map for racing and just hanging out with people in tribes
(hey tex, i loved the one chrash were you here some one yelling help :D

by Drummer 90 on August 26, 2005 · Rating:

Very good map. I wish it had the race starting swicth and starting lights like some other maps maps have, but over all it was a good map.