Stormriders by SSBeast on June 9, 2003

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Other Volcanic Foggy

Welcome to the planet of the Stormriders.

After a catastophic mining operation on the surface of the protean planet all the inhabitants were forced to take to the skies. Magma flowed freely across the once furtile planes, and the air became charged to the point that massive electrical storms were unavoidable. The tribes made their new homes high above the surface, just beyond the reach of the storms. They soon adopted the name Stormriders.

Hey all, this one can get tricky at times since the bases are connected by floating platforms that are just above a dense fog bank. No protection is given when crossing from base to base, so a stray spinfusor can wreak havok when trying to jump from platform to platform. The bases themselves are very spartan on the interior, and have no defenses to speak of. The flags are on the front of each base under a makeshift canopy (open to all but harder to spam) Under each base there is a launching pad of sorts which holds six shrikes, that will respawn if destroyed. The ground is very unfriendly as most of it is covered in lava. There are four teleporters on the ground though so if you do happen to fall and happen to make a safe landing on some rock, these will take you back up to the platforms so you don't get stuck. The teleporters are however one way.

Have fun, and remember "If you download, please leave a comment and a grade."

Thanx, SSBeast


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by Paint it Black on June 9, 2003 · Rating:

For an all SS map, those meshed bases look fantastic, and the platform layout is interesting. I look forward to playing this at a pickup, and I'll grade it if I can

by SSBeast on June 9, 2003 · Rating:

Now what fun would it be if I took away the need for someone to hunt down the little shrike destorying, extra point abusing, morons. Instead of letting someone get their sites on them through a sniper rifle, and slap'um upside the head with a red ribbon of death. Defense shoundn't be limited just to the flag.

by Mr Tagomi on June 12, 2003 · Rating:

You mention support for 'reverse-CTF', but I'd like to know if this is some unique piece of scripting in this map or you're just saying one is able to convert this map into reverse-CTF with a mod or piece of scripting or something you haven't included in the map file. If the latter is correct, I think it's unfair to attract undue additional attention to this map through having it listed in the 'other' category in the map vault. If the latter is incorrect, and you have made this gametype in the map, I apologise, and would like to know more about it :)

by SSBeast on June 12, 2003 · Rating:

Reverse-CTF is very easy to impliment into any CTF map. Very simply all you have to do is switch the flags. Where in normal CTF you run to the enemy base grab their flag and run back home, in R-CTF your team starts out with the enemy flag at your base. You must then run it to the enemy base, making sure your teams flag stays on the enemies flagstand, so you can get the point.

by Mr Tagomi on June 13, 2003 · Rating:

There's no unique capacity for that in this map then... if you can do it with all maps (if you want to change the flags around). So it's kinda cheating to make this map one of those found under the 'other' gametype category, IMO.

by SSBeast on June 13, 2003 · Rating:

Well it's your opinion and your welcome to it. I felt though that since the .vl2 has 3 .mis files, and each .mis files is a different way of playing the map, that the R-CTF deserved its own mission type to describe it. Even though it requires nothing special to run it (just start it as a regular CTF match) it does change the way that CTF is played. So much so in fact that it is like a new mission type in its own right. I wonder have you even played a R-CTF map yet? If not I suggest trying the R-CTF version of Location Zero. It has full bot support so you can play with yourself.

by Mr Tagomi on June 13, 2003 · Rating:

aaah, now I see! You included another mis file for it. That's cool. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I hope ya don't hate me now. Because it wasn't in the map description I didn't know why you said it was reverse-CTF too. Thanks for explaining, next time you might want to say in the map description that's what you did so that complete morons like me don't flame you! :D

by Paint it Black on June 16, 2003 · Rating:

Mmmm, from those screenshots (for a SS map,) it looks very attractive. You're tempting me to play it, and I want to see it in next weeks Pickup.

by Red Shifter on July 6, 2003 · Rating:

As far as playability, this map is pretty good. However, the shrikes were a bad idea. Most cappers just jump down to the shrikes and drive home. Put in a V-Pad or this map sucks.

Red Shifter - The Legendary Cynic of Siege