Blade of Darkness by Red Shifter on December 15, 2001

Siege Badlands Clear Night

Blade of Darkness is a return to NightSword, the Siege map that started my mapping career off with nothing but As and Bs. NightSword is a close-quarters confrontation between the attackers and the defenders. This time around, there are no complex scripts or required teamwork to get in the way of the offense beating the hell out of the defense.

There is a backdoor to the defensive base, which would be the front door, used for fast captures.

Mine Shaft by RavensBro on December 4, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear

The two clans are digging for fuel when one day they deside to play some CTF. The Bases are not far apart just a few big hills in between them and falling rocks watch out for the falling rocks! It's real windy out today dont get blowen over. Many ways into ones base so good luck =P

Abaddon by Elementl on November 17, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear

2 Bases, seperated by lava, connected by platforms.
Each base has 2 inventory stations and 2 generators, protected by forcefields, which are powered by forcefields atop the base.
An ELF turret is outside of each base, positioned to cover. Repair packs can be found atop each base, and below each turret.
Definately up there in my list of favorite missions...

HALO by alingis on November 1, 2001

Siege Badlands Clear Night

There are several safe attack routes, but the quickest is from above. From the drop platform, attackers need to be prepared for a less-than-soft landing. Direct assault is suicide unless defender's sensor network is neutralized. Three capping routes are protected by forcefields powered by remote generators. Enjoy.

DryLands by girn on October 27, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Foggy Client Side

This map consists of two bases far apart, and between them a platform with a repair pack. This is my first map I pray that you enjoy it. And please point out any errors or what u would like to see in it improved

Platform by lukeryu on October 22, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear

This, my first map, is a battle played out completely on a platform. As a result, the bases are relatively close together. I hope you enjoy this map

Maximus by {NF}Reapperi on October 19, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Textures Night

This world was green and full of life..then..their sun exploded in supernova and somehow planet survived and tribes men inside their became very life green just burned trees and rocks...water is gone...but on thing their sun colapsed into BlackHole and started sucking the planet in...all biggest space ships were destroyed in supernova and now warrior fight for the last tickets on last ship...those who lose will die!