The Hunted by D.N.A. on October 4, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear Bots Night

D.N.A. again, but this time I made a smaller map. Bases are
just around the 600 mark and the bots are still pissed off. Not much to say about this map. I know alot of people like small maps so here ya go! Have fun and hope you all enjoy!

!!!WARNING!!! D.N.A.are highly drunken, arrogant, sarcastic, paranoid schizophrenics.

ConstructionCarnage by FlyingElmo on October 4, 2001

Arena Badlands Clear Bots

On the industrius planet Gemsim III, construction of a weapons research facility is underway. Once built the facility could potentially supercharge an army's effectiveness. Two rival clans, briefed of the facility by their intelligence officers, have been dispatched to supervise its constuction...though only one will live to see it be completed.

Feedback, bug reports, and questions are always welcome.


Download the arena mod @

Anomarena by FlyingElmo on October 3, 2001

Arena Badlands Storming Night

Years of traditional thinking lead to an inevitable nuclear war between two rogue states...ultimately destroying the world as it was once know.

The apocalypse is now. Everything representing order was burned with the rest of the world.

The few survivers live on rigs in the middle of earth wasting away...turned into virtual quicksand by the weapons used for "defensive" purposes. They live their miserable lives from the rigs, only venturing off when hunger calls.

Memento Mori by [Shadowcat] on September 21, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear

Biodorm Territory. A forsaken ball of rock. This is why it is so difficult to overrun their planets. There's nothing to see. No trees..., no water..., no cover.

Supplies somewhere on map from a long forgotten battle. Never used because starwolf forces where brutally slain by there first attack on the planet.
No starwolf soldier has returned here.

When the force fields are up it's difficult to cap. So destroy the generators for easy flagcapping.

Be aware soldier, the biodorm horde is on it's best when they fight at home.

Dubious by AeLogic on September 6, 2001

Siege Badlands Foggy Night

The attackers must attack a series of 5 generators, however only 1 of these needs to be down to have access to the switch. The generators are set up so you must advance and hold the inside of the base.

The Defenders main goal is to keep repairing the generators and protect the 'Switch ForceField Generator' as long as possible.

Team work is a 'must have' in this map. Otherwise people might say "this map is impossible" and blow it off just because they can't cap it souly by themselves.

Lightnin Fire by Kamikaze taco on September 2, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Storming

Each base has its own vehicle station and is located on the outside of the building. The flag is located in the main base.

There is a capturable objective and is in the center of the map. Lightning strikes are hazardous but only around the central building. Once you capture the building you have a chance to spawn there.

Into-the-Hill by Mccannon04 on August 27, 2001

Siege Badlands Storming

A siege map where attackers must penetrate a fortress hidden beneath a mountain to recover top secret information and equipment vital to the tribe.

The attackers must destroy two generators outside the main base to power down the forcefields blocking the main base enterances. Once inside the base (which is inside of a mountain) The attackers must destroy a generator to power down the forcefield guarding the control point.

Good Luck-
- Mccannon04 (The Enemy Turret)

Return to Minotaur by Kamikaze Raptor on August 24, 2001

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear Bots

A response to all the people who have longed for a completely indoor map and to my own burning desire to make a CTF map. Basically the same Minotaur base with tunnels and new buildings added. You can either take the traditional Minotaur route to cap the NME flag, or take the new central tunnel. The central tunnel is much quicker, but there's a catch! Four sentries guard the central tunnel. In between the two pairs of turrets, there is a hole in the ceiling leading to the switch. Bot support has been added, but they'll just stand there while they're getting pummeled by the sentries.