Virulence by AeLogic on August 22, 2001

Siege Badlands Foggy Night

The attackers base is over 700k away. To make up for this rather long distance their is a tunnel that connects the attackers and defenders bases' together. The Defender's objectives are spread out fluently enough so a single man run would be very difficult, but lets not say impossible. 2 ForceFields on the side of the Second ForceField Generators prevents jugs from just walking in and shooting 1 motar and killing the generators.

Agents Of Fortune Arena by PJ on August 19, 2001

Arena Badlands Clear

Agents Of Fortune Arena is my second map for public release. It is a port of the Hunters and Deathmatch map Agents Of Fortune for use with the Arena mod.

The bases are set about 350 meters apart, with a central structure located directly between them. In the alcoves of the base are 4 health patches. Along with the patches there are 2 repair kits are located near the top level. This base also has a substantial underground area. This allows for multiple possible Arena strategies.

I hope you enjoy it.