Muric by ZOD on March 22, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Night

Small map, about 500 meters base to base. No vehicles. No sking really but the water more then makes up for it ;-)

This was to have bot support but the terrain and bases turned out to be very bad for bots to navigate. I made several hack attempts to no avail :(

Vestige by dr boom on February 14, 2004

Siege Desert Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

"As lava and deadly gases rise slowly over the dying planet, two teams battle over the last vestige of shelter"

I have been promising my wife that this is my last map for T2. I am putting this here so she believes me this time.(Good thing Vengeance is around the corner :)) I have always wanted to make a siege map, so here it is.

The map itself is fairly small.

The forward generator powers all external defenses.

Sands of Dawn by Cinderkarst on January 25, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy

This a map I made for the MA/NXA Grand Melee as well as for the Dark Tower.
It has a capturable objective in the middle, and some of the more fun-killng vehicles removed to put an emphasis on ground pounding. Two generators power the vehicle pad and main base assets, making the offense divide its efforts to get certain things offline.

Also included is a farmer's care package near the bases in case push comes to shove.

This is my first submission to, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Desiccator SE by Sabre on January 17, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Client Side

Basically the same Desiccator with some improvements that have been suggested in the TWL forums.

The terrain was smoothed slightly to make skiing easier.
Visibility increased slightly.
Inferno tactical tower rotated 180 degrees.
Force field gens reduced to one per side, and moved from basement to main floor.
This last change was suggested to prompote better overall gameplay by preventing easy camping of the gen room and to make it easier to take back.

Flatland CTF by Axum Kevar on January 12, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

This is a capture the flag mission based on the Construction mission - Flatland
It is necessary to download the original Flatland Map Pack to run this map... but if you already have flatladn, you're fine downloading this map

Lions Den by Uglydog on January 10, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Bots Client Side

This map should have been released along time ago. Just never got around to putting the finishing it up. Close corters CTF makes for furious melees in front of the bases. Bases are open and simple but easy to defend.

Have FUN!!

Omann Ru by Lagg_Alot on December 13, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Bots

I made this map with the idea that a Siege Game should not be an easy cap. There are three Generators inside the Defensive Base that must be disabled in order to access the Switch. The Bunker on the hill hosts the entrance Force Field Generators that have to be destroyed in order to gain access to the Defense Base. Offensive Base is far from the Objective but the use of Vehicles and MPB Teleporter can prove invaluable to the Attackers. You will notice that some custom scripting has been utilized to improve the playability and to enhance the performance of the AI for those who like Bots.

Arrogant Kings by MageMod on December 10, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy

Dear Player,

Arrogant Kings (CTF) is the fifth map created by myself, |CHAOS MAGE| (AKA- MageMod).

The map is specifically designed for MageMod; however, it is a great map for all servers (CTF)!

Picture 'Surreal' crossed with pure genius and imagination. This map contains two moderately defended castles; each nestled snuggly in a nice desert terrain. Both teams must utilize their vehicle stations and stealth to capture the enemy flag. The flags are on a pedestal in the center of each base. The main base and the vehicle base use separate generators to limit "un-sportsman-like" game play.

Proximity Warning by MageMod on December 7, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Night

Proximity Warning is the third map created by myself, |CHAOS MAGE| (AKA- MageMod).

The mission contains two, well-defended bases suspended over lava connected by a walking bridge and a non-gravity force field bridge (you'll see; it's good for cloaks and slow moving fatties). There is a flip-flop with a deployable inventory station and motion turret.

The enemy must destroy the lower level generator to open the flag force field. The front solar panel (with the main generators) controls the orange (all-pass) force fields.