Hollow Winds by Tank on December 29, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

This is my first map, I hope it will be a good one. Bases are close together, about 700 something meters apart I think. CnH base in the middle/off to the side. CnH base offers a little ground support with only tanks. Plenty of towers with health packs and ammo to keep things going. Along with rocks along the mountain edges for mortar fire and sniping. Flags are in the open behind base. Two solar gens located just above the flag on the upper wall, these gens keep the bad guys out so keep a eye on them.

Caldera -Christmas Edition- by Celios on December 24, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

I've worked overtime 24/7 for 2 days now and I think my creation is ready. It's SS and has some really cool changes (including some gameplaywise.)

Changes (taken from .mis):
-Press Escape in-game to see the full list of Changes:
-The Offence now has a Forward Base inside the Defensive Base. Simply destroy the Equipment Generator once to access it.
-The flaming Caldera has been transformed into an ice rink! And guess what the game is? Hockey!
-There is now a Defensive Shrike. Finding the carefully hidden "present" under one of the trees just might let you use it!

Wonderena by DSEZKiller on December 16, 2002

Arena Snow Snowing Night

Its me again DSEZ back with a new map. This map is a arena map for and dedicated to my good friend WonderWear. This map is a fast and fun map. The base that the team spawns at is the refurnished Katabatic base Nefilim did. Which is in the re-release of tribes 2 and the one now required to play .The two bases are connected by a bridge which in the middle has repair kits and patches. Up above in the middle of the bridge in the lower tower is a satchel waiting to be used. The Upper Mid base is Switch Controlled. The mid bas is capturable.

Cold War by ???Unknown??? on December 11, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing

The bunker FF gens power the entrance FFs for the 3 bunkers.They are unrepairable.

The Bunker Generators, which are also unrepairable, power the FFs guarding the 2 Main base generators. As each bunker goes offline, so does it's respective spawsphere.

The Offense has a Remote Offensive Tower with it's own spawnsphere that can be brought online. It will also come online automatically when all 3 Defense bunkers go offline.

The 2 Main Base Gens power the FF guarding the switch. They are repairable.

There is also a special ice I made for this map.

The Forgotten LAnds of KUTULU ch2 Caldra by SSBeast on November 20, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Bots Night

The Second Chapter in a three part set. Loosely based on H.P Lovecraft's "Chthulu Mythos" and sections of the NECRONOMICOM.

Bases are 1400 clicks apart. Visibility is only 200 clicks, due to the sun being ultraviolet so keep your eyes peeled ;) Each base is outfitted with 2 Plasma, and 2 missile turrets. Flag stand is accessible from four sides. The 2 gens are located in floating towers (difficult but not impossible to take out) Vpad is located on second level of base and has everything but the tank.

Hockey Rabbit by DSEZKiller on November 17, 2002

Other Snow Snowing Client Side Night

This map is Team Rabbit 2 Hockey.This map uses the fast slippery ice to pick up speed.The glisding passes and the crazy one timers is what makes this map unique.The flag is located in the middle of the map.The goals are one to each side of the teams goal.This map is as even as a even map can get!Well thanks to everyone and ???Unkown???,Verna and others for beta testing.

Atropos The Return by silvers_revenge on November 17, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Bots Night

One year after the fall of Atropos we decided to return. Should we be attacked again our attackers will find us ready.

Two Generators in the mountain base power the protective shields that block access to the main base. The mountain base also houses the defense generator that powers all map turrets for the defense. The Equipment generator controls all sensors and inventories as well as the main base lighting.

Golghari by Morgoth_Bauglir on November 11, 2002

Siege Snow Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

The main goal is to conquer the enemy headquater, located on an island off the shore.
The attackers must destroy the forcefield generator located in the golgari base. The capturable objectives around the map give both attackers and defenders tactical options.
Read the included .txt for detailed information on power supply and objectives.