TimmysArenaOfPain by DynaBlade81 on July 5, 2003

Arena Lush Foggy

This is a One of a kind map. Some of you people who are familiar with drugs and acid may like this map a little too much. The Yellow sky, Blue fog and pink Red and yellow rain should add some high feeling as well as that water that seems to make you bounce!!!! :O Wow your high now!


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by TheBerk on July 12, 2003 · Rating:

wow, my eyes hurt just looking at this map..
truthfully, if someone says it woudl be a bad idea it usually is.. :)
I would play it but unfortunately I quit using drugs and dont promote their usage anyways....
good try on the map tho, keep at it and eventually you will get a more eye pleasing map out soon.. :)
PS just helpful hints.. :)