TrueGrit by FlyingElmo on October 17, 2001

Arena Desert Clear Bots

Far from the front lines of war lies San Puejo, a sparcely populated town situated in the middle of the desert.
Two bands of bandits are attacking a prominent ranch on the outskirts of town in an attempt to loot it of its valuables. This town ain't big enough for them both though...

True Grit is possibly the most popular new arena map from the pack. Small, uncampable, and unsniperable (yes, thats a word), True Grit promises to bring fast paced, keyboard-clobbering action to any arena server. Surviving in this arena is a difficult task indeed.

Bot Support Included!

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by Taxmano3 on October 17, 2001 · Rating:

Your map is silly. It's silly to the tenth degree! I love sillyness so I gave your little map an A+! A silly map will get you far, like babes, sex and free beer... KEEP IT UP!

by SylockAssassin on October 18, 2001 · Rating:

impressive just by veiwing from the summary and the pictures given. I just wished CTF map makers could be this creative.