Turbide by Celios on February 24, 2003

Siege Badlands Raining

The attackers spawn at the top of a large and tremendously skiiable hill. They must ski down to the first base and take out the Primary Generator to disable the FFs protecting the North and South Generators. The Primary Generator is rather easy to kill and should be down most of the time.

Disabling the North and South Generators will then allow you to mount an attack on the Main Base as well as disable all the equipment in the first base. The North Generator also powers the defensive SpawnSphere at the first base, therefor pushing the defense back.

The offense may then destroy the Alpha and Beta Solar Panels to cap. You can also disable the equipment in the Main Base by destroying the Equipment Generator.

This is my second SS map release. I have to thank everyone who gave me such fantastic feedback on this map. I am considering making the North and South Generators irrepairable in the future. Please mail me if you think it's better that way.


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by silvers_revenge on March 6, 2003 · Rating:

Nice map with good game flow, very reminiscent of some of the original siege maps as far as gameplay is concerned. Good Job

BTW I would leave the gens repairable but thats just me.

by Ensign Munro on March 8, 2003 · Rating:

wow! This is going to be the only work i can say (besides the other words that i am saying after that, shit, im talknig to much again). Great job!