Two Floored Madness by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003

Arena Lush Clear Bots

Here comes another one of my Arena maps! w00t. Lol. Anyhow, this map is a narrow, medium size map, connected by a bridge, and 2nd floor in the middle leaded to by sets of stairs. It's a nice clear map, and has ammo/repair kits spread through to keep the battle going. Bots work well on this map. A good map for few or many players. Enjoy! Thank you Tribes2Maps for being a great host as always.


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by Drumstix42 on July 4, 2003 · Rating:

Sorry. I was just lost with a name. I meant to call it Two Floored, but I had name it ahead of time O_o. Ohh well. You can really see the whole thing from the pictures. So if it looks like madness, or not, ahh well. Lol. It was madness for me making it, cause my comp must have froze 16 times while making this one, and I had to keep going back and redoing stuff! So, it may be a little bland. I just had to get away from it. hehe.

by TheBerk on August 3, 2003 · Rating:

neat map... could use some more eye candy and some more detailing.. but over all pretty fun map.. oh but dont blow up buildings anymore.. the stretched look is so passe'... :)