Dune by Venom Fangs on April 16, 2003

Arena Desert Clear Client Side

Finally, after tons of problems, I have finished my first cs map.

This map is not based on the movie, because I've never seen it actually...

Desert map with static bases and water; hope you enjoy.

Watery Death by Red Shifter on April 15, 2003

Arena Other Clear Night

In my long days in the Tribes universe, I've seen many battles. Battles over lava. Battles high in the air. Battles in water too dense to hold an armor. Even battles where the only weapon available is a blaster. But none of that could possibly prepare me for this...

Watery Death is a simplistic Arena map with a twist - the ground is unstable. By shooting the center of any of the 64 tiles, the ground falls out. By taking the ground from beneath your opponent, you can finish off the enemy team quite quickly.

Note that there are no inventory stations.

CubedArena by Computer5k on February 18, 2003

Arena Desert Clear

This is my second map. I hope its better than my first.

Everyone can use all the inventory stations and each team has two bases across from each other.

Put it on your server if you think its good. :)

2-Buffarena by DSEZKiller on February 10, 2003

Arena Other Foggy

This map is a 2v2 arena map made for my good friend and Wear, BuffWear. This map takes place high in the sky. The 2 floors help make this map one dangerous leap to the next. One wrong move could force you to fall into the lava below. There is 1 shocklance hidden in the lower layer. Also in the lower layer there are 2 shield packs. Thanks to the people of forums and many other people that help with the beta testing of this map and my other maps. Well hope you guys enjoy this one. I’m not sure if this is my last map, maybe this is. Thanks to all. Map number #30 yay!

Battle Of The Bridge by Anakha on February 9, 2003

Arena Lush Raining Client Side Custom Shapes

Made for 2vs2 Arena.

One main bridge and two support bridge connects the teams for close quarter battle.

ForceFields block the entrances to the building on the bridge.

I made it cause I had to re-learn how to use the T2 editor...

Hope you like it.

Bridge_of_Death by Computer5k on February 2, 2003

Arena Other Raining Bots Night

This is the first map I ever made so dont be surprised if it's bad.

I dont know how it will play with a lot of people because i have a firewall so i cant make a server.

Please put it on your server so people can actually see it.

FlyingElmo-Hybrid Pack by FlyingElmo on January 24, 2003

Arena Other Clear

The Hybrid pack wasn't designed with any one theme in mind. Instead, it was a
meshing of ideas, using elements that have proved successful in the past, as well
taking a few experimental risks. Unlike the previous maps I've done, I had no
starting layouts in mind. Basically, I winged it...spontaneously thinking of
ideas for maps while in the middle of designing them. I scrapped numerous ideas
after working on them for four or five hours and started over -- until they had
just the right sort of feel.

Miraculously, I managed to get them done, and done well.

2-SpyArena by DSEZKiller on January 20, 2003

Arena Desert Clear

This map is for you indoor lovers. This map is completely indoors. You spawn in a room with ammo and weapons you must then search the base for a pack. It might be helpful to find a pack before the other team finds you. Thanks to all the beta testers and everyone in the forums. Hope you guys enjoy this one. ---DSEZ

Stonehenge Arena by DSEZKiller on January 20, 2003

Arena Lush Raining

This map was a tribes 1 arena map i made but never released. This was my only tribes 1 map. This map is basically StoneHenge with Arena style play. The many snipe spots and the wide playing area allows great games.Thanks to everyone in Tribes 1 who beta tested it. I dont know the names =/. I hope you guys enjoy this.

WhatArena by DSEZKiller on January 17, 2003

Arena Desert Clear Night

This map is fast. The capture able base located in the middle of the spawn bases of the 2 teams. The capture able base allows the team who has possession to use the invis. There are pieces of fallen walls to hide behind and snipe. This map was named after a good friend What2Wear. Thanks to all the beta testers. Especially Jambon for the time you and me spent on this one map. Thanks to Elmo for the map hyping he did on Thanks again to everyone peace out.