Double Threat Pack by FlyingElmo on July 19, 2002

Arena Other Clear

The Double Threat Pack is the latest in a series of arena maps designed for TWL match play. Double Threat does something quite different than all other arena maps created to date: it is designed specifically for 2 versus 2 arena combat. From the moment you load one of these maps up, you'll be able to recognize their uniqueness immediately. As in previous maps, I attempted to create as much variety as possible in this pack. No two maps are alike, and each environment will force a player to play differently than the last.

SectionX by ]uK[GnomesWear on June 24, 2002

Arena Volcanic Foggy Night

Map was currently released and has been checked for errors many times and have found none. Ive taken many opinions of the tribal arena community and 95\% of them have enjoyed this map. Its versatality is what is mainly enjoyable for any type of fun. I would defintly like to see this map that others and I worked very hard on.

Dominatrix by *vXKitiaraXv* on June 20, 2002

Arena Deathmatch Snow Raining

this is my first arena map...cince i love arena i thought i would contribute to the growing archive of arena maps :)

now theres 2 bases as usual, with stations (duh). theres many bridges n' such to battle over and alot of ammo lying around. in the 'map center' theres some repair patches for the injured (hehe).

umm...the water looks alot like milk lol, i dont know why but i couldnt change it at all. but thats it for now :P

i hope you guys enjoy this map and have lotsa fun.

Texas Desert by _Tex on June 13, 2002

Arena Desert Foggy

This map has been completed for sometime now, it's just been waiting for me to submit it...

I'm not really an Arena player, but I thought it might be fun to try my hand at an arena map.

I'm totally open to questions/comments/criticisms.

It's only a two team Arena map, sorry.

Plat Storm by Sun Quan on May 25, 2002

Arena Volcanic Storming Night

Far far away on the planet Zorgo where the two tribes once met, have vanished. All that is left is Zorgo's moon Zygop, now the two tribes have traveled on a space ship to Zygop for unknown reasons, many for wealth since Zygop is another resource center.

Map contains a very moderate platform that has bridges and force fields and etc.. Control switch on the top controls sensor on bottom, this map was meant for very fast game-play; too slow = die. Watch out not to fal off the edges or else......

Map by: Sun Quan

NoWayOut by HUIYIAN on April 23, 2002

Arena Other Clear Client Side

God, i makeing maps and i think i did mistake cause i cant start from where i want, they dropping me out of mission, if its same fro you SRY, ill fix it

Horror by human on April 20, 2002

Arena Other Raining Client Side

I made this just for test its kind sucks but its ok to play some arena, ill make better maps just need more practice because i dont know where is wht i need, its very hard to make map, thx

OMGArena by ($A$)The Thrill on April 12, 2002

Arena Deathmatch Snow Foggy

Another arena map, they seem to be more fun to make than CTF ;)

This map should give arena a new experience. Watch that water, it'll sneak up on you. =P

Enjoy, leave feedback if you like.

ShroomAirena by ($A$)The Thrill on April 10, 2002

Arena Deathmatch Other Clear Bots

This is a fun aerial map, but don't fall off, there's a surprise waiting for you.

P.S. There are 2 versions of the map included. One version "ShroomAirena(t)" has a capturable objective which controls 2 aerial sentry turrets. They are not catastrophic if you lose control of them, they just add another aspect to the game of arena...


Rock Labyrinth by Golarth on March 16, 2002

Arena Capture the Flag Desert Clear Bots

Legends of the bounteous treasure hidden in the desert Labyrinth of Nimba-9 are well known in the Outer Territories. Also well known is the curse of the Labyrinth; all who enter will never find the exit. Two parties of warrior-explorers entered the labyrinth, convinced that this curse was mere superstition. Only now, they are beginning to believe...