Corona by R i t z on March 16, 2002

Arena Volcanic Foggy Night

Corona-The outermost layer of a star(like or Sun) It is extremly hot.

Here is my second shot at an Arena map, and this one is a bit different. This one takes place on a star just off the planet of the starwolfs race. The battle takes place on the corona or the sun. There is a huge base with inventories scattered throughtout it. and Pads floating to the sides of the base. To keep you from floating into space is a Gravity Reactor which makes the gravity as same as the Earth. have fun an Kill!

~~~R i t z out~~~

Celestial Warfare by R i t z on March 16, 2002

Arena Desert Clear

This is my first arena map, and it can be faught in there air on the ground. Each base (Ground & Air) have inventories, and V-pad.
I have had this map on my server for a while and people have seemed to like it. Boundaries go out for for good dogfights, and duels on ground.

~~~R i t z out~~~

Horde Arena by Golarth on March 6, 2002

Arena Bounty Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Team Hunters Other Clear Bots Client Side Night

My first map. Just one big 400x400 meter arena with two towers for the flags. Then I added Arena support and DM. While I was at it I added Hunters, Rabbit, everything except Siege and CnH(although i tried CnH, it didn't work too well). It has two .mis files because for some reason, Arena won't play well with anything other than CTF in a single .mis file

TRON Arena by Uncle Bob on March 3, 2002

Arena Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Night

Well a first try for an arena. I was sitting down a few days ago and the movie TRON was on. And I just got done playing tribes and I said to myself, that would look cool as a arena feel. Something different and new as far as atmosphere and feel. Then I thought why dont I make some player skins! Well it took some time and still I am nowhere near done with them. But I put 2 in the .vl2 file that I am done with. They are in a .zip file that you can take out easy. The skins are good I think. Realy fits in with the terrain. Not much to the terrain.

Quad Fumes by Dace on February 26, 2002

Arena Desert Storming Bots

This is the third Multiteam arena Map I've put together. The first one unforunately never made it on this site.

The map is based on a differen't terrain section of Desert Fumes, and the gameplay is entirely differen't. Instead of taking the usual approach of 4 teams, each in the corner, where as they all meet in the center-- this map has staggered team sites, 2 on each side, down a narrow corider.

Armored Fist Altar-Temple by SONOFMAN on February 18, 2002

Arena Capture the Flag Other Storming Bots Night

Armored Fist's Temple was created for the Armored Fist Tribe to have Arena scrims on. There are mines and a satchel charge hidden in the lower halls of both teams to bring a different aspect to an Arena game. Lots of lightning will keep 'em close to the ground to.
Armored Fist's Altar is a fast, rockin, small Ctf map built on the Arena version. this map is a LOT of fun when the teams are small.

TFarenaQUADpackII by FlyingElmo on February 17, 2002

Arena Other Clear Bots

Taking elements that made the original quad pack successful, the QUAD II pack looks to expand upon those aspects while offering dynamic new gameplay of its own.

Enclosed in this pack are 4 completely new serverside arena maps. There is one key difference between the Quad I pack and the Quad II pack: QUAD II focuses around elements that made the original Tribes 2 arena maps popular (while the aim of the QUAD I was to provide T1 gameplay in T2). Rather than the quick, fierce combat prevalent in the Quad I, the Quad II highlights a different side of arena gameplay.

Dark Caverns by DRIFTER on February 17, 2002

Arena Lush Foggy Client Side Night

Well my first try at a Arena map.
I tried it with a little twist.
just in how it's built and the sounds. Everything is
underground. You'll never see the light of day. Ammo and packs are placed throughout the maze.
I tryed to give it a intense feel to it. With thick fog and not knowing where your enemy will be. Dont worry you can see infront of you about 130 whatever/clicks. The Acid pit would be the half way piont to the other base. But good luck getting there fast with all the turns and run arounds.(enemy base that is.) I hope I did it right. Any problem on how I did this PLEASE let me know.

Launch Ramp by Dace on February 16, 2002

Arena Desert Snowing Night

This is an interesting map in general. I decided to take a concept from the Tribes 1 Duel Tournament and use it for Tribes 2 Arena. That being, using a ramp to propel players into combat.

The mission starts, you load up, and jump down a 300-400 meter chute to the ramp. The ramp will propel you directly into the combat area and onto a platform. This mission contains the same anti-camping code as my Coliseum, you have 15 seconds to leave the spawn area or you will be killed (otherwise campers could stay in the tower for the whole game and never come down.

Desert Attack by Savage on February 2, 2002

Arena Desert Clear

This is my first map :) I'ts a small Arena map. There are hidden weapons, ammo, and health acatted around the map for easy reload and quick weapons change.Oops allmost forgot to mention cheats ;) just type givemeall(); in your console while playing the map. :D