Canyon Clash by DSEZKiller on January 6, 2003

Other Other Clear Client Side

Verna one of my good friends thought up this map. This map is a fast skiing map. The canyon takes the shape of a H. The bottom part of the H is where the Teams spawn in the chutes. The top part of the H are the goals for both teams. Thanks to all the beta testers and the people in the forums. Thanks to all of the people in TWL who have worked to keep TR2 alive cause it seemed its been dieing fast. Thanks again to you guys. I got a few more maps coming out this week i have been finishing off alot of my beta maps.

Canyon Contest by Red Shifter on January 2, 2003

Other Other Clear Client Side

I thought I might as well finish up my "housecleaning". So now you have a new TR2 map to play.

I have nothing special in scripts today. Just a huge skiiable map with two huge canyon walls that slow down players that slam into it.

Winning the Canyon Contest will take more than cowboy tactics. Passing is more important, especially near the goals which are very high up in the air.

I would have included screenshots, but I'm too lazy to do this while I'm cleaning my hard drive.

All Rivers Run by nutcracker on December 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Siege Lush Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures

This map can be used for three game types; TR2, Siege and CTF. Theoretically, I could have done this without scripting but I decided to make some major changes to the map for each type.
I have included a script that omits creating a trigger for inventory stations that are specific for each game type based on the mission type of the station. I have also created a trigger that kills bots when they get “stuck” in the rivers(attempting to go against the flow). However it produces console spam and is rather untested.

PinWheel by Sabre on December 18, 2002

Other Lush Clear Client Side Night

Fast & Roomy. Rectangular playing field with approximately 1400m between goals. Lots of room to maneuver and great skiing. Repair kits on elevated platforms. Custom skybox.

Close Quarter Battle Pack by Red Shifter on December 6, 2002

Bounty Deathmatch Other Other Clear

Have a group of people around, and you feel like undertaking a very fast battle? Play the Close Quarter Battle Pack! With two extremely intense maps and four gametypes, killing each other will be quite easy.

Deathmatch will pit spinfusor against spinfusor, player against player.

Bounty will make everyone extremely paranoid.

Shocklance Deathmatch will require everyone to watch their back. Requires download from tribes2.blinkylights.com mod section.

Blaster Deathmatch is currently pending release at tribes2.blinkylights.com mod section.

Football3 by TheBerk on December 6, 2002

Other Desert Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Another football map with the egyptian textures theme..
I got these textures so long ago, and I just love them..
so special thanks to the guy who made them.. : )
his info is in my EgyptMap.vl2 if you would like to look it up.. : )
palm trees again because they fit so well.. : )
and something new.. some custom ground textures.. : )
should be interesting.. they didnt get into the screenies as I took the screenies earlier.. : )
but basically the same.. :)
I managed to reduce the textures in size so it should make for a smaller download..

Rabbit Pack 1 by DSEZKiller on December 2, 2002

Other Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

This is the first Team Rabbit 2 map pack for tribes 2.This map pack contains awesome Tr2 maps and a special never released map Snowhite Rabbit!

Battle On The Beach
I have been working on this map for a long time. This map is basically a tiny map with fast game play. The boucy water and the cannons contribute the fast gameplay. You can also make creative passes with the water. Making bounce passes to one timers is a great creativity bonus. This map has custom shapes made by Berk and a custom sky by Alundra. Thanks to all the beta testers from the beginning.

Lilypad by SmallKiwi on November 24, 2002

Other Lush Clear Client Side

First attempt at mapping for Tribes 2. Square, medium-sized map area with ponds and small lakes scattered throughout. Goal areas are unique but similar to each other.