Arctic Suicide by Kamikaze Raptor on July 16, 2001

Race Snow Clear Client Side

As i have promised, here is another racing map I have made. Based on some of the courses in the original Jet Moto, there are turns that make the course overlap itself. This means that you will be racing on ground you have already raced on.

Screenshot 1: Turret Alley is so named after it's many obstacles. I originally put in 24, but no one could survive.

Screenshot 2: People may get confused on this part of the track so let me straighten it out now. After falling off the bridge, proceed to the bridge in the distance.

ThemePark by Ace on July 9, 2001

Race Snow Clear

Not your ordinary race map. This track goes from high in the sky above mountains all the way down to below the ground in caves. Also a seperate track was added just for jumping.

Calderian Raceway by Kamikaze Raptor on July 2, 2001

Race Volcanic Clear Client Side

Based on Badlands Raceway by EEPROM, Calderian Raceway is a racing map. It is also my first map.Although Badlands was a good racing map, it lacked obstacles. Calderian Raceway is packed with turns, drops, turrets, and even lava. If there is anything wrong with the map or u just want to make suggestions for another racing map, then dont hesitate to post them. I am currently working on a collection of racing maps, and am hoping to find someone who can host them.

Badlands Raceway by EEPROM on June 8, 2001

Race Other Clear Client Side

Start your engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, here is a little fun map, well, more like huge fun map. This is a test to see how much fun you can have with Grav Bikes. It’s a huge track carved out of the Badlands. It’s got straight-aways, jumps, water, high bank turns and fumer vents. See how fast you can go without blowing up. There are two teams so Tank races can also involve fire play. Scout Flyers can be raced as well flying down the canyon as low as you can go. Hell, we even raced Mobile Bases, up until the water parts.